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Matt Luneau Writes about Brandon


To the left is Matt and Ilse Luneau with their family and Pastor Parker. You might want to review the February 13 newspaper article about Matt and emails written by him that we posted here. Matt and his family attend the church in Swanton, where our son, Dan, is pastor. He has found a job, coaching a high school basketball team. We received the email yesterday that follows my comments.

The high school in a town near Swanton, called Enosburg, is very grateful to have a coach of Matt’s caliber to coach the team. In a newspaper article, Brandon Gleason, the leading scorer on the team, commented: “At first it was a little different. Guys were like, ‘Do we really have to do all of this?’ But it has helped us.” A little different? Matt insisted that the whole team up their grades. A little different? Matt went to a boy, who had missed two years of basketball, because of drug problems; he led him to Christ, the boy stopped taking drugs, and his become one of the best players on the team. Brandon Gleason also received Christ. A little different? Matt taught the team gospel songs (although they had never sung before) and took them to different churches to sing them. After a basketball victory, Matt texted a message to Brandon, “Oh, victory in Jesus!” To which Brandon texted back, “My Savior forever!”  

Why does a man leave a job at a university, famous for its sports program, where he received a much better salary and had a much brighter future, to receive much less, training a high school basketball team? It doesn’t seem logical. Matt Luneau answers that question in the following email, received just yesterday, April 28, 2013.

Just to share:

Last Thursday our family took a drive back to Syracuse planning on spending the rest of the week visiting friends.   When we got to Syracuse we first took a drive in front of our old house which is a much bigger house than we are in now, with a lot of great memories back in Syracuse.  It was strange, it brought smiles to our faces, and we talked about the good old times.   Then I texted Dave Southwick letting him know that we were in front of our old house, and I jokingly texted him "Now why did we leave Syracuse?"At 4:05pm he replied "Young men in Enosburg who need you in their lives."   I replied.  "Praise The Lord! Thanks. Amen."  

Then Friday I spent the day with Pastor Parker, who just recently had stroke like symptoms, and retired from the pulpit.  He told how the doctors found something in his brain, and that they want to remove it or it could be fatal if he doesn't.  He told me he's not going to have the surgery, and that he is ready to go to Jesus.  It was strange as he was talking as if he was going to die in the near future, but with great peace.  We talked about death, and how short the time is we have here on earth.    He then brought me to his incredible Christian library, and I mean incredible.  He said I want you to take all the books you want.     I got a huge box of new Christian books.   It was great spending time with Pastor Parker and Matt Gantt, and God willing they will be in Enosburg again this summer for the Inner City Christian Basketball Camp. 

While in Syracuse on Friday night at 2:30am I got a call from my player Wyatt Larose that our player Brandon Gleason had died in a car accident.   I could not believe it. In shock.    I just remember repeating myself "Oh my goodness" over and over.   The phone rang again 5 minutes later and I was just hoping it was Wyatt to tell me that he was misinformed.  But it wasn't Wyatt, but it was our athletic director Chris Brigham to tell me that Brandon really did die.  Still can't believe it.    We can't sleep, and a couple hours later we get a message that my mother had a heart attack and was rushed to Burlington.  

So we left Syracuse early this morning to head to Burlington to Fletcher Allen.    Also in the car crash was David Twinkie Perron, and he was rushed to the hospital, and he is also at Fletcher Allen.  Twinkie is doing alright.  He is going to need surgery on his hip Monday.   Twinkie and Brandon were just the absolute best of friends.    So now we get to the hospital and Twinkie is just the floor above my mother, so we spent the time going back and forth from my mother and Twinkie.  My mother is doing alright, and will be released Monday.   

So one time up at Twinkie's room, Twinkie requests for me to pray, so we bring everybody from the hallway and there are a lot of people in the room, like over 40 people squished in with people hanging out in the hallway.   I thank God he gave me that opportunity to bring it to Him, and make it about Him.  There were a lot of people that were hurting, and they were crying.  The sadness was great.  I just prayed and pray that they turn to God and not away from Him.   God is going to use Brandon in a mighty way here, and I am going to make sure I make the most of those opportunities for God and for Brandon.  

I thank God that He brought us here for Brandon.   Brandon gave his life to Jesus Christ this winter right in our kitchen and I saw the change and enthusiasm he had for Jesus.   I say again thank God He brought us here for Brandon.   We have great peace in knowing that Brandon really is with Jesus.   Although we miss him tremendously. Lots of crying.   Most of the team and other friends of the team are coming to church with us tomorrow (Sunday) to hear about God.  They would not be going to church to hear about Jesus if it was not for Brandon.    I hope God wants me to speak this week at the high school.   Pray for opportunities. 

I do want to say a couple things about Brandon.    He was one of the most loving people I have ever met.  God showed me so much in him.  He loved everybody.   It was like God brought Brandon to me and to others to say "This is how you are supposed to love."   What a greater thing can you say about somebody?   Everybody who knew Brandon knew he was incredibly special.    I could go on and on about Brandon.   But what I am happiest about Brandon is that he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.   Thank you for all your prayers.  Keep praying.   Pray for the Enosburg community.  Pray for the Christian community.

So why did we leave Syracuse?  Thank goodness it's because of God, Brandon Gleason, the basketball team, and the Enosburg community.

As for man, his days are like grass; As a flower of the field, so he flourishes.  For the wind passes over it, and it is gone.            Psalm 103:15-16

The Swanton Christian Church next to the townhall on the village square.


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