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18. Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters


Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 18

Dave Ravenhill follows in his father’s footsteps, attacking sin and stirring the church to deep commitment. Dave and Margaret attended Bethany Missionary Training School at the same time. We maintain contact with him to this day. You can find his videos on the internet and he is also an author.

Leonard was raised in on-fire Methodism, but he had no problem with Pentecostals, as long as they held to purity, as well as power, and that the power would be a reality, and not just talk.

Nov. 22, 1987: We talked with Dave in New Zealand last night. There is a glut of houses for sale, but his sold at a good price the first day he was home! Doors are already opening for his ministry in the US. He hopes to leave NZ early in February.

The religion of the east is Confucian; that of the west is confusion. I’m told a preacher in the US finished this statement: Christianity was born in Palestine and became a religion. It was passed into Greece, where it became a philosophy. It was taken to Europe, where it became a cult; then brought to the USA, where it became big business.

The Pentecostals hold onto Acts 1:8 and to 2:4 just as tenaciously; then why not for deacons, Acts-6 style, and evangelists, Acts 8 and 21:8 also? If some person has not shouted from the housetops, “O consistency, thou art a rare jewel!”, then they should do it now. Yes! Azusa St. is a real challenge and the only way to save this nation and this generation from filling hell. ..

The financial crisis that David Wilkerson foretold for many years has finally come. It is taking a toll around the world. I just read today that one out of every four in Spain is out of work. Will there ever be a recovery? I don’t think so. I wonder if it has caused the TV preachers to cut back on their finances. I remember Tozer saying that he had more respect for a bank robber than he did for a preacher, who found ways to separate his congregation from their money!

Paul is Len and Martha’s oldest son. The last I heard, he was living in Argentina. You can also find his material on the internet.

May 17: Thanks for your excellent letter. I agree, Lowell, with all you hear about the Repentance Conferences, they have produced no humility or holiness in this area. A woman cried out in our prayer meeting last night, “Lord, send the nation bankrupt so the TV preachers cannot beg!” Dave Wilkerson has sent out another doomsday newsletter. Time Magazine and Newsweek have depicted a crash in the financial area of the US this year.

Paul, Irene and family may return to Paraguay in June. Circumstances will to some degree decide this. The past weeks there have been demonstrations against the dictator and a bloodbath may emerge from this. We pray for you as you prepare for Germany. The book Revival God’s Way has been published there in German…


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