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Update 2020: Articles Most Read

On October 19, 2015, I began an expositional study on the book of Isaiah, finishing it on May 9, 2017. In 2016, we were joined in the study by a large number of people. Although the order changes a little bit every year, those chapters from 2016 continue to be the most read articles on our blogspot. I will give you the top ten articles read up to this date in 2020.  

Other articles on the blogspot were outnumbered by those of 2016, but I want to give you a list of ten, which I think that you will enjoy and from which you will profit. They will be listed after the ten most visited articles from the beginning of the blogspot in 2010 which, as I mentioned, are chapters of Isaiah. There are two exceptions and one concerns the views of two famous preachers from the 19th Century, over the return of Israel to its Promised Land: J. C. Ryle and C. H. Spurgeon. Also, please read what I believe to be an illuminating article about the meaning of the word hubris – the sickness of those, who believe that they know everything.

Our grandson, John, created this blogspot in 2010 and so the statistics are dated from that time. As of today, the total number of visits to this English blog has risen to 171,662. This past year we have had 21,913 visits. When we add the visits to our Spanish blogspot, the total number of visits increases to 491,601 and the number of visits over the last year was 90,143 (obviously, we have many more Spanish than English readers). 

Whose Image is on Your Life?


Dave with son, Ethan, at tennis championship
I published the following message five years ago, but because it commands meditation, I will present it again. I can testify of the mark of God on David's life from his youth. Even as a student in a Christian school, Dave was often called into the office to help counsel problematic students. As a teenager, the Lord began to move upon his life, preparing him for the future. For many years, Dave lived in the Republic of Ireland and gained a reputation there, as an able teacher of the Word of God. He worked with the youth and saw a gang of boys turn their attention towards heaven. Fruit still remains and even other members of their families now belong to Christ.  

Today, Dave lives in the same area of Vermont as his twin brother, Daniel. Daniel pastors the Swanton Christian Church and Dave contributes his valuable teaching from time to time. He also works in house construction, which might have something to do with his insight on the house of God in this message. He is also sought out as a photographer at weddings and I will add a little sample of his photography to this article. I will also introduce you, by photos, to his three sons. 

Quotes from Ravenhill's Letters

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill’s Personal Letters


Len and Martha Ravenhill

I posted the following article in November of 2012, concerning some personal contact with Leonard Ravenhill. I wanted to post this lead article again to remind you that you can read all the letters we received from him under the "revival" category on the right side.

I have been reading the almost 600-page biography of Leonard Ravenhill by Mack Tomlinson. It brought to mind photos taken while Margaret and I waited with Leonard and Martha for their flight from the Minneapolis airport to Dallas. We had just finished meetings with Len, sponsored by a number of churches around the Minneapolis area.

I didn’t find the photos, but I did run across 45 letters, untouched for years, that we received from Len between 1983 and 1993. Len died in 1994. Shortly before that, Len wrote the foreword to our book, The Christ of the Apocalypse. That foreword was more than the result of a random request to a well-known author, in order to help bring the book to the public’s attention. It was born out of these years of communication, through the which, we also had many telephone conversations and a visit in the Ravenhill home, while traveling through Texas to Mexico. After sending Len a good portion of the manuscript of The Christ of the Apocalypse, I gave him a call from Germany. “I have read your work twice,” he said, “and I was just going over it the third time, when you called.”

Two Opposing Views


  Two Opposing Views Among Church People

A modern vineyard in Israel

 “Is it not lawful for me to do what I wish with my own things? Or is your eye evil because I am good?”                                      Matthew 20:15

I would like to ask you to read verses 1-16 of Matthew 20 to refresh your memory concerning this parable. I do not want to take the space to completely copy it in this article, but I will relate the account to you.

The Lord’s parable concerned an owner of a vineyard, who went out early in the morning, looking for people to hire for work in his vineyard. He found some immediately and contracted them for the normal day’s wages of a denarius. Needing more help, I suppose, he found others, who were unemployed, at nine o’clock and, without stating a fixed wage, he said he would give them what was right. He did the same at noon, then at three in the afternoon and finally at five.

The Red Sea Crisis


    From the series: “The Gospel in Exodus” 

  By Mike Brueckner, our youngest son and 
                    pastor of the Church of Hope in Elk River, Minnesota

Exodus 14

Mike with his guitar
Here is some background to our study today: The people of Israel are finally free. Egypt is behind them, the future looks bright and they are headed in the direction of the Promised Land, where God would have them go. There is no more bondage, no more slavery, and what excitement must have filled their hearts.

Right here, God does something. It says in Exodus 14:4 that He would harden Pharaoh’s heart, so that he would pursue the Israelites once again. So Pharaoh gathers his men around him and they say to one another, “Why did we let the Israelites go? Let’s go get them back.” This is a military operation; Pharaoh is gathering the army and this is going to be war. Six hundred of their finest chariots are called and captains are driving them. He means business here; they are serious.