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Lowell Brueckner

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Call to Commitment

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Three Highways to Hell
September, 2015
The Organic Church
August, 2015
Food for Sheep
August, 2015
A Home that Glorifies God
June 2015
Love that Covers Sins
Summer 2013
What You Were Never Told About Raising Support
Winter-Spring 2013
The Order of Melchizadek
Fall 2012
The Bible Puts Man in His Place
Summer 2012
The Prodigal Son
Spring 2012
Testimonies from Three Mothers
Winter 2012
Conviction of Sin
Fall 2011
Strong Delusion
Summer 2011
The Holy of Holies
Spring 2011
Outside the Camp
Winter 2011
I Have Found the Book!
Fall 2010
Trials Beyond Our Control
Summer 2010
Sin of Omission
Spring 2010
An Awakening to Spiritual Reality
Winter 2010
Characteristics of the Spirit-controlled Life
Summer-Fall 2009
I Am the True Vine
Spring 2009
Jesus Is the Sower
Winter 2009
Call to Commitment Pictorial
Christmas 2008
How Do You Handle Life's Minuses?
Summer 2008
We Must Say Amen
Spring 2008
A Great Promise with Two Conditions
Winter 2008
The Will of God Is a Discomfort
Fall 2007
Superficial Healing
Summer 2007
Faith Is for the Weak
Spring 2007
Christians Are Born
Winter 2007
Four Questions
Fall 2006
Waiting for Him
Summer 2006
Endtime Dilemma
Spring 2006
Right Motive
Winter 2006
Family Reunion
Fall 2005
The Voice from Heaven
Summer 2005
A Plain, a City and a Name
Spring 2005
Common Bush, Uncommon Fire
Winter 2005
From Religion to Reality
Fall 2004
Harvest Convictions
Summer 2004
God Made the Country
Spring 2004
Desert Places
Winter 2004
Of Bricks and Stones
Fall 2003
The Ministry of Observation
Summer 2003
Why This Waste
Spring 2003
God's Ways Are Not Ours
Winter 2003
The Resurrected Christ
Fall 2002
Behold the Lamb of God
Summer 2002
God's Ultimatum
Spring 2002
An Introduction to John 17
Winter 2002
A Teacher...In Faith and Verity
Fall 2001
A Place for Christ on Earth
Summer 2001
I Will Build My Church
Spring 2001
Chosen and Equipped
Winter 2001
An Inpregnable Defense
Fall 2000
Greatly Beloved
Summer 2000
A Smile in Adversity
Spring 2000
Strong in Grace
Winter 2000
How to Escape
Fall 1999
Flight to Freedom
Summer 1999
The Individual and the Masses
Spring 1999
Joseph, Reuben and Judah
Winter 1999
He Arose and Went
Fall 1998
Summer 1998
Herman Williams
Spring 1998
Thanks, Earl!
Winter 1998
Only What Is Lost Can Ever Be Found
Fall 1997
How Is It with Your Soul?
Summer 1997
Have You Crossed the Jordan
Spring 1997
Are These Things So
Winter 1997
A Call to an Open Heaven
Fall 1996
Original Call to Commitment
Summer 1994
Are You Afraid to Judge?