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God Waits to be Gracious


29. An expository study of Isaiah, chapter 30

Please be sure to have your Bible open, as we begin, so that you can directly refer to the Scripture throughout our study.

Symptoms of rebellion

This chapter begins with a woe, pronounced against stubborn and rebellious children: “Woe to the rebellious children, says the Lord” (v.1). I notice it is translated in my Spanish version, “children who separate themselves” and the Hebrew word can be defined in that way. Here are the definitions: to turn away, be refractory, backsliding, rebellious, revolter, stubborn, to withdraw.

I think, then, that we can judge a separation from God as an important and sure sign that someone has turned rebellious. Therefore, the first error of rebellion is a refusal to walk with God and consists in making a decision to take an independent pathway. Independence sings a sweet song and many are attracted by it, follow it and leave the heavenly highway.

You Turn Things Upside Down!


28. An Expository Study of Isaiah, Chapter 29

Let me summarize five general characteristics that we have come to recognize in studying the book of Isaiah:
1. It is a book of repetition. God knows who He is dealing with… that is, forgetful human beings… and therefore, He goes over the same principles of truth again and again.
2. It is a poetical book, full of symbols, analogies, axioms and even song, appealing to the inner man, as well as the intellect, in order that the truth should penetrate deeper.
3. As in all Scripture, it is a book that reveals the person and character of God. This book has a central theme, which concentrates on the holiness of God. Therefore it promises judgment and retribution to the nations for their sin, and punishment to Israel for its rebellion against Him.
4, It is a book about God’s salvation. In it, God clearly demonstrates his unwavering and undying care for His people. He will defend them against their enemies and bring about their deliverance. Again and again, we also see Him reaching out to His enemies and offering them the opportunity of a future with Him and His people. Ultimately, He promises eternal salvation.
5. It is a book of prophecy. Some of the prophecy will shortly come to pass, especially that regarding Assyria. Others reach forward to the rise and fall of Babylon. There is a wealth of Messianic prophecy pointing to the advent, the birth, the ministry, the purpose, the death and the reign of the Messiah. It prophecies of the mercy of God to the Gentile nations. It points to the Tribulation and often to the Millennium, which follows. And then it takes us on into eternity, telling of the total destruction of the present world and the new heaven and earth.