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Lowell Brueckner

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Wake up! It’s Later than You Think


I grew up the son of a missionary pastor in the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Personally, I have been in the ministry for 47 years and, during all that time I have observed and warned about the dangerous direction that God’s people are taking. Speaking in general terms, probably the best way to describe it is that there is a lack of the fear of God. There is little reverence for the things of God or for God Himself. It is quite common today to hear people refer to Him as “Daddy”.

I remember hearing in the 1960s teachings that provoked a rebellion against established Christianity and, as a consequence, today there is little interest in church history. In many congregations, you rarely hear hymns sung. The practices, the styles and the morals of believers have reached such a decadent level that there is little difference seen between them and the people of the world. Saddest of all, the Bible is losing its place as the maximum authority among Christians and everyone loosely interprets it in his own way. I wish we could hear John Wesley say once again, “Every new doctrine is false doctrine.”