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A Ministry to Fallen Nature


Please indulge me, people, for dabbing a little into politics; My record will prove that I have not made a habit of it; in fact, I cannot remember anything political in my articles. Perhaps I took a stab at Romney's Mormonism, during the last presidential campaign. If I did, I don't remember. This article is not so much an attack on Donald Trump's candidacy, as it is, a result of my frustration against "Christians" who are supporting him. Please take a look at this man's record:

Then, if you still have time, read what the son of Ronald Reagan has to say about Trump:

Finally, what is most appalling, is what you will see in this video:

Over 100 Charismatic leaders, including Kenneth Copeland, here are encouraging the candidacy of Donald Trump, an immoral man, married three times, unfaithful to his first wife, divorced his second and whose present wife has posed in the nude. Sarah Palin has pledged her support to Trump, as has Jerry Falwell Jr. He is a man, who owns casinos and strip bars. He is a totally immoral man, who does not know how to ask for forgiveness. I personally heard him say that he does not practice that before men or before God. And they are doing this for him over the present 2nd and 3rd-ranking Republican candidates, who give clear and solid testimony to their understanding of the biblical gospel (I am not making any claims for them as to their personal walk with God. They alone can answer for that). I have heard them, especially Rubio, explain it. 

Present Darkness and Coming Light


11. An expository study of Isaiah, chapter 9

Do they offer a verse by verse Bible study in the church, where you attend? So few do these days, yet it is so important for believers to receive help one from another in something that is as vast as the Word of God. Have you been with us in this Bible study from the beginning? If not, I invite you to go back to the introduction to get a good background on the history and events. This book is full of messianic prophecy, as well as solid spiritual principle, pertinent for all times.

If you have studied with us up to this point in Isaiah, let me inform you of last year’s study. Hopefully, you have some reading time on your hands and, if so, you may want to include the book of Zechariah in your study. Zechariah was a prophet, informed of the coming Messiah, as was Isaiah, but perhaps Zechariah received more, concerning the second coming of Christ. This is a day in which we must be informed, because the signs of His coming are all around us and it would be tragic to miss them.

Now it’s time to see some more of Isaiah prophecies of the coming Messiah…

Light at the end of the tunnel

Our main purpose in studying the Bible is to receive illumination on the person and nature of God Himself. We are about to learn some vital lessons from the Holy Spirit about the ways of God, as we launch chapter 9. Chapter 8 left us in a dark tunnel of gloom of which, if you remember, Barnes said. “We almost feel that we are enveloped by the gloom, and see objects of terror and alarm on every side.” 

But now look, “There will be no more gloom for her who was in anguish; in earlier times He treated the land of Zebulon and the land of Naphtali with contempt, but later on He shall make it glorious, by the way of the sea, on the other side of Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles.” We see there is light at the end of God’s tunnel! Remember this always, child of God. There is no guarantee for any believer that he will be kept from the most severe trials, or that his sins will not bring on painful discipline. No good Bible scholar will tell you anything different. However, the ones who let God write their biographies on the fleshly tables of their heart will always, without exception, find glorious light in the end! |That is what distinguishes God’s stories from the unpredictable tales of this world.

The young cancer patient, after weakly uttering tearful goodbyes to the dear ones around his bed, suddenly bursts into unspeakable joy in the presence of his Savior and God. The one bound to a wheelchair throughout life by cerebral palsy, in a flash explodes into laughter, leaping down the main boulevard of Glory straight to his Father’s throne. A scream, an awful sound of impact, the crunching of metal and shattering of glass, is followed by unbearable pain that the accident victim never knew could exist, and then, in the next moment, it disappears before wholeness and tranquility in the arms of Jesus.   

Barnevernet: Anti-Family Terrorism in Norway


This article came from "Delight in Truth" published on Dec. 4, 2015

Imagine sending your two oldest children to school only to never see them again. Imagine law enforcement showing up to your home and removing three more young children, one of whom is only 3 months old and brutally snatched off his mother’s breast.
Is this a scene taking place at the hands of the brutal Islamic State in Syria or Iraq?

To the Law and the Testimony


10. An expository study of Isaiah, chapter 8

I hope that there are some serious Bible students following me in these studies. We are studying together and I am trying to hear the Author, the Holy Spirit, as He speaks through Isaiah. His voice echoes through the ages and we must capture the original intent, which continues to live for us. When we are dealing with eternal truth, it is outside of time and, therefore, we cannot relegate it to any particular era. What is the truth is always true. Jesus said, “I am the truth” (Jn.14:6) and the writer of Hebrews declared, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever” (Heb.13:8). Please open you Bibles to Isaiah 8 and follow verse by verse through its context.

Make speed to the spoil; hasten the prey

In the last chapter, we studied Isaiah’s son, Shear-jashub, and now we learn of his other son, Maher-shalal-hash-baz. Imagine Isaiah outside his house calling him, “Mahershalalhashbaz, come to dinner! I don’t want to have to call you twice!” I hope not… perhaps he had a shorter nickname. There is a lesson for us concerning a prophet as we open this chapter. A prophet does not simply sit in his office, waiting for a word from heaven. A true prophet lives his prophecy; that is, his ministry is his life.

This is one major instance that proves the point, and I will not take the time and space to point to more texts throughout the Bible that confirm this affirmation. When he wakes in the morning, he is a prophet, and when he goes to bed at night, he is still a prophet. His life is wrapped around his ministry and his wife and children enter into it (v.1-3). Isaiah was a prophet, his wife was a prophetess and his two sons were prophecies. I think this is a healthier way to view the ministry/family relationship, rather than separating them into two categories and pitting one against the other, as we often are taught to do these days (see v.18).

Maher-shalal-hash-baz means make speed to the spoil; hasten the prey. The use of synonyms, actually makes the same statement with different words, and accents the prediction (speed = hasten; spoil = prey). This was written on a large tablet or plate of wood, metal or stone and engraved with an iron stylus. It seems to be the title of a permanent, easy-to-read record, written for the benefit of the common populace, as in Habacuc 2:2; “Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run.” The message would be found in the name of Isaiah’s future son and the event to which it is applied is to the Assyrian’s rapid conquest of Samaria and Syria. The prophecy endured to become part of the Old Testament canon and remains today in modern print. Who, then, can deny its relevance? 

The Forest of Shaking Hearts


A little personal counsel

I have been trying to encourage the reader in every lesson that, because we will not be writing the whole portion of Scripture in the article, you will have to have your Bible open and follow along, as I attempt an expository lesson. I hope that I’m not being naïve, when I imagine someone sitting at a desk or table with the Bible on the right, open to Isaiah, and articles like this one on the left.

Everyone who knows me will tell you that I am a proponent of the reading of good Christian books, as a complement to consistent Bible reading and study. Read as much as your time will allow from time-proven authors! I don’t know of any reputable Christian, now or in church history, who would advise you differently. However, the trend today of sitting in a circle to study together the latest book, in general is not advisable. I’m not saying that in the case of some books, especially classics in church history, it might be profitable to do so, but I shudder to think of how many Christians have been misled by some of the most popular literature of our day. Much is simply garbage!

Christians today really need to study the Bible in expository form and if you are not doing so in some other Bible class, well here is a good opportunity for you. By expository teaching, we hear best what God has to say, rather than to consider the opinions of men. We often do hear their opinions, because preachers and teachers have certain thoughts, which they have developed on their own, and look for Bible texts to give authority to their thinking. This method is not only unwise, it is dangerous. I hope that you will join me, as I attempt to hear the voice of God through the book of Isaiah, as we study verse by verse.


Christmas 2015

Cartagena, Alicante and Barcelona

I’m back from Barcelona since Tuesday night, December 29.  With Margaret helping Sarah in Cass Lake Minnesota, USA, it was really nice to be able to spend the Christmas season with friends. I drove so that I would have freedom to move about from place to place, without being restricted by an airplane ticket.

Logo for Spanish radio station
I left home on Sunday, December 20, and arrived in Cartagena at about 10:30 P.M. I stayed with my friend, Paco, and his son.  On the 21 and 22, I was kept busy at the radio station with a lot of live programs, including Light in the Morning, from 10 to 12 A.M, a 4 P.M. program Amazing Grace, and a program with another friend Rodolfo. They also asked me to do a spot with Christmas greetings to the listeners and redo the opening for my program, Building upon the Rock, which covers essential Christian doctrines. The introductory music is now supplied by a beautiful Spanish rendition of Ancient Words.

Heriberto Ledesma
Norma, husband and mother
On Wednesday, the 23, I arrived in Alicante about noon and I was with the entire family of Heriberto Ledesma. Please pray for Heriberto’s daughter, Norma, and her husband and son. Norma is very ill with cancer and asked her dad to cancel the ticket for his return to Mexico on December 28, along with her mother, sister, brother, sister-in-law, and their son. Heriberto worked with us in Mexico and his wife worked with the Pollnows before they were married. Margaret used to visit Heriberto’s mother, still alive at 91, when he was only 13. It was good the whole family could be together for Christmas. Another sister and her husband and two daughters were also there from Lisbon, Portugal. We prayed together and I sang a verse of one of my favorite songs, Sheltered in the Arms of God, which has been translated into Spanish. Then I was asked to sing, The God of the Mountain.