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A Ministry to Fallen Nature


Please indulge me, people, for dabbing a little into politics; My record will prove that I have not made a habit of it; in fact, I cannot remember anything political in my articles. Perhaps I took a stab at Romney's Mormonism, during the last presidential campaign. If I did, I don't remember. This article is not so much an attack on Donald Trump's candidacy, as it is, a result of my frustration against "Christians" who are supporting him. Please take a look at this man's record:

Then, if you still have time, read what the son of Ronald Reagan has to say about Trump:

Finally, what is most appalling, is what you will see in this video:

Over 100 Charismatic leaders, including Kenneth Copeland, here are encouraging the candidacy of Donald Trump, an immoral man, married three times, unfaithful to his first wife, divorced his second and whose present wife has posed in the nude. Sarah Palin has pledged her support to Trump, as has Jerry Falwell Jr. He is a man, who owns casinos and strip bars. He is a totally immoral man, who does not know how to ask for forgiveness. I personally heard him say that he does not practice that before men or before God. And they are doing this for him over the present 2nd and 3rd-ranking Republican candidates, who give clear and solid testimony to their understanding of the biblical gospel (I am not making any claims for them as to their personal walk with God. They alone can answer for that). I have heard them, especially Rubio, explain it. 

I am totally frustrated with the double standard of "Christian" leadership. If you are a US voter take a look at the first video to see Trump's record, instead of listening to what he is saying now. All his life, he has been pro-choice (meaning pro-abortion), liberal in every sense of the word. Michael Reagan, son of the late president, Ronald Reagan, does not support Trump, and exposes him for who he is. Take a look for yourself. Michael says, "Trump is not like my dad". And who would know better than Ronald's son. Take a look at the third video. If you are a born-again Christian and love God and His Bible, you are going to have to turn away from many so-called Christian leaders, who are under great delusion. The prosperity "gospel" movement is not a ministry to the Christian with a new nature. It is a ministry to the egotistical adamic nature. 

I will give some credence to the man, who goes from place to place telling people how to get rich, but I have no respect for the people, who corrupt God's gospel, by telling you that Jesus Christ was made flesh in order to make you financially rich. If I believed that, I would not headquarter in a six million dollar home on a lakeside in the United States. I would go to India, where that message could do millions of people some good! 

I am speaking out here, because I have given counsel to people, whose faith, instead of being strengthened by the Word of Faith, Positive Confession, and Prosperity movement, have been shipwrecked by it. People, who now doubt their salvation, because God didn't heal them physically. It's very logical. If God has promised physical healing to those who have faith, but they are not healed; Wouldn't they then feel that even though He has promised salvation to those, who believe, perhaps He has not saved them either? Two teenage girls, whose mother was dying of cancer, were taught to confess that she was healed. When she died, one at least, if not both, lost faith in God and the church and went into the world. In a short time, she was pregnant outside of wedlock! I could continue, believe me, and fill a lot more space with negative testimonies of the falseness of these doctrines. 


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