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The Resurrected Christ


(Taken from Luke 24)

 David Brueckner

hen we know the end of a story, we often miss much of the drama and suspense that the actual participants experienced. This is certainly true concerning the resurrection account. We need to put ourselves in the sandals of the people, who had just lived the three worst days of their lives.  Some sacrificed their businesses and careers to follow this man, whose dead body now lay in a new tomb. Aspirations went up in smoke, when Jesus was crucified.

  When they awoke Sunday morning, they had no idea that this would be the greatest day in the history of the universe. As events unfolded, they ascended from the depths of despair to heights of joy. It was truly the Lord’s Day.

14. Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters


Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 14

Three years before his home-going and in his mid-80s, Len Ravenhill was still busy traveling and preaching. This was after he had a stroke. He is an inspiration to those of us, who are past retirement age, but have no intention of stepping down from God’s calling. One old Swedish preacher used to say, “I’m not going to retire; I’m going to re-fire.”

Ravenhill also was interested in the world rulers, their policies and statements. Often he commented on what was happening on the world scene.

Feb. 29, 1990: We came home after 6 weeks in California. Two weeks at the Holiness Conference… 4,500 signed up for it and another 4,500 signed up for the second one. There were 22 pastors from Germany and some from Austria. As we preached, folk started to walk to the altar – no altar calls – all weeping, confession, etc., for an hour or more. We are supposed to speak in London in October this year and may take it to Berlin. We will keep you informed.

Macedonia... Dan and Shelley return


For any of your who do not know our son, Dan, and his wife, Shelley... Dan is pastor of Swanton Christian Church in Swanton Vermont. Previously, they served in Macedonia and go back whenever possible. They speak Macedonian well. This is the story of people, who simply love God, trust Him and serve Him.

Dan writes: Thank you all for praying for our trip to Macedonia. We saw the hand of God at work while we were there.

    This is Kole and Lile, who are very close friends of ours. We always stay at their house. They live their lives for Christ and reach out to the lost. Kole was asked to do some repair and painting to a Muslim mosque in a small village. As a result of this he has become close friends with a Turkish Muslim family. The man only wants to talk about God and wanted to know the difference between what he believed and what we believe. Though he did not agree with us he allowed us to share the gospel with him. Despite all his good works, he has no assurance that after death he would be with God. Please pray for his family’s salvation. We had a good long talk with him. Kole and Lile will continue to visit them and share Christ as the only way to the Father.


13. Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters


Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 13

Looking unto Jesus is a classic by Isaac Ambrose. I hope that the copy sent to us by Ravenhill was not lost in the mail, as he suggested might have happened. That would have been costly. We do have a copy now. My friends Vali and Eliza translated and published it in Romanian. Eliza gave 1 ½ years full-time to translation. It has 1008 pages. One 80-year-old lady wrote them: “I am reading it the second time through my tears.” The old saints loved the great books.

The David mentioned in the letter is Len and Martha’s son and a friend of ours. He follows in his dad’s footsteps. Look for his sermons and books on the internet.

June 3: David has gone back to AZ. He leaves for Singapore next week.