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12. Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters


Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal letters, number 12

Here are two more letters from Ravenhill. A few of the first letters that I received from him were dictated, such as the second one posted below, because he was just recovering from a stroke. Listen to the beat of a heart that grieves along with the heart of God. This is a man who, in his youth, walked from one end of England to another, evangelizing… twice. He witnessed powerful movings of God and the formation of churches after his evangelism brought people to Christ… so he understood what true evangelism was and what was a sham to draw crowds and pick people’s pockets in the name of Christ. Who cannot be angry, when the God, who you know and love, is defamed by conscienceless men?

May 4: Greetings in His peerless name. I can fully understand your disgust and distress at the present state of evangelism in the US and for that matter in most parts of the ‘Christian’ world... the appalling showmanship on TV that goes in His name. The ‘stars’, who are saved and yet live in the muck of Hollywood… the gold gluttons who weep over the TV for their ministry, but never weep for souls… all this is vain. Christ is wounded in the house of His friends. Revival is not important to the life of America; it is imperative. The answer is not the Moral Majority, but a Holy Minority. Schaefer says that the Christians should have protest marches. Since when? By what Scriptural authority? The cults march on, while the ‘church’ sleeps on. What will it take to awake her? Maybe the Lord will have to strangle the economy of the nation to get the attention of the ‘church’. I am sure that the nation will suffer for the sin of the church, rather than the church suffer for the sin of the nation…

11. Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters


Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 11

I wanted to post a couple more Ravenhill letters. I’m a little tired tonight, so I’ll let Leonard speak for himself. He’s quite capable. So, here you are:

We pray you are well and enjoying the sonshine of His love. I assure you the devil and hell’s emissaries are not in panic and calling an emergency meeting to plan a blockade against a Holy Ghost revival in the US or so-called Christian countries.

The economists are alarmed at the runaway economy. Bankers alarmed at the world credit. Moralists alarmed at the floodtide of porno stuff. Medical alarmed at the unstoppable aids. Military alarmed at increase of atomic stuff. Educationalists alarmed at the world ignorance. Judiciary alarmed at the swelling tide of crime. The Church is not alarmed at the plague of sin and killing depravity both inside and outside the church. Our preachers have bloody hands, swelled heads and shrunken hearts.

Coach Luneau


Allow me to introduce my friend Matt Luneau, who, along with his wife, Ilze, and family attend our son Dan's church. Here is a story worth reading, about some people who feel it is more important to obey  God rather than men.

    Enosburg Falls boys basketball head coach Matt Luneau watches the action on 
     the court during a game against host Winooski on Jan. 22. / BRIAN JENKINS/For the Free Press

Luneau comes back to Vermont
Feb 7, 2013   |  

Written by
Free Press Correspondent
ENOSBURG — More than 20 years after he landed his first high school basketball coaching job at Richford High School, Matt Luneau’s career has come full circle, give or a take a few miles.
After leaving the Richford job in the early 90s, Luneau embarked on a two-decade journey around the Northeast as a college assistant coach, including two years with the University of Vermont women’s basketball team and the last nine as an assistant for the Syracuse University women’s team.

Karyn's Letter... Plane Accident


 Hi Everyone,
We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support since Steve's accident.  We want you to know we have received and greatly appreciate all of your phone calls, emails and texts etc.  We aren't up for answering every phone call right now, I hope you understand, so we wanted to send the story and an update to all of you for now and will get back in touch with you as Steve feels up to it.  

The crash occurred on the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 5th.  Steve has a close friend, Thane, who is also a pilot and they are always keeping close track of each other while flying.  He is the one who called me and told me not to panic, that Steve was down, but was talking to rescuers so he believed he was okay.  The kids and I happened to be already gathered in the living room together which rarely happens in the middle of the afternoon and I told them that Dad was down, but seemed to be okay and we all prayed together and just affirmed that we knew God had heard our prayer that morning that Dad would fly safely and that we knew that God was in control.  I then received another call from Thane who by this time was in his own plane and was over the accident site and he reassured me that Steve seemed okay, but that one passenger, Bill was seriously hurt.  He said they were trying to get snow machines in there and they were taking them to the nearest village clinic.  A little while later Steve called, he seemed to be in shock, but I was able to talk to him for a few minutes.  He said he was okay and so was passenger Brian, but he was really worried about Bill.    

Steve's story is that the weather was a little snowy as he was taking off from Kalskag airport, but he had flown in much worse weather.  He remembers taking off, Brian beside him and Bill in the back.  He remembers getting above the tree line and getting to 300 ft.  He decided he was going to follow the river so he was in the center and could see both sides.  He was feeling comfortable and everything looked good and he was already contemplating what he was going to do when he got to the bend ahead and that's all he remembers.  He says he remembers again when they hit, but not really realizing that he was in an airplane until they had flipped and were upside down.  He remembers seeing that the passenger beside him was okay, but when he looked behind him Bill wasn't there.  He heard moaning outside and found Bill about 30 ft. back in the snow.  His head was split open and he was complaining of chest pains.  Steve immediately used rags to stop the bleeding placing a beanie over them to keep it tight and covered him up to keep him warm.  Steve held him and prayed for him until help arrived.  They medi- vac'd them all to Bethel and then took Bill on to Anchorage.

Steve and Brian were released the next morning with facial cuts and bruises and overall soreness.  The latest update on Bill is that any bleeding in his brain has been taken care of.  There is some spinal injuries, but they have done a lot of testing and see no signs of paralysis.  He also has some broken ribs.  If he kept improving the way he was, they expected him to be out of ICU today. 

Steve is recovering.  The one thing on his mind is Bill and as soon as he can have visitors we will go in to Anchorage to see him. Steve has always had great concern for his passengers, to bring them home safely every night.  On the occasion that he can't pick someone up to get them home because of weather Steve can't sleep that night and is constantly checking weather so he can get them at the earliest time weather allows.  If they're not at home comfortable in their own beds  then he's not comfortable in his.  So I know that Bill is heavy on his heart and it will be really good for him to go see him and see that he is okay. I also see signs of a possible concussion and he tires really easily which if you know Steve that is not at all characteristic.

We have had a whole lot of support here in the community.  Steve is so highly respected as a person and as a pilot.  He has received several emails from teachers and principals and the even Superintendant himself has commented to the fact  that Steve is the only pilot they trust and that they would get in an airplane and fly with him tomorrow. The Superintendent said he wouldn't be able to do his job without Steve and he could care less about the airplane.  He just wants to make sure Steve and the passengers are going to be okay.  He has told us that any medical bills, food, lodging and whatever other costs there are related to the accident are their responsibility. 

We are so thankful for God's protection and that Steve and the passengers survived.  The troopers and everyone who has seen the accident sight say that Someone was watching out for them they can't see how anyone could have survived.        

Thank you again for all of your prayers.  We love and appreciate all of you.

Steve, Karyn and family