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A life-size image of a small Indian woman, Pandita Ramabai.
I should have gone to India in December of 2009, but I had not thought about getting a visa, so the plan changed and I went two or three months later. When I returned from India, I was convinced that I had not gone principally to share something there, but to observe what the Lord had done and tell the story to others. If I had gone in the original plan, I would not have come to the Pune region, where the mission begun by Pandita Ramabai is situated and I would not have known the story that follows:

Kedgaon, 55 kilometers east of Pune is a village difficult to find on a map of India. It is another place like Nazareth, without importance, but chosen by God as the place where He would pour out of His Spirit and revive the church. Those who know the ways of the Lord, will understand that that is a characteristic of His work.

Besides, God chose, not a man, but a woman, despised in the culture of those days, prepared her and worked through her to carry out His eternal plans. She was the daughter of a teacher of the Hindu scriptures, born on Abril 23, 1858, into the high Brahma caste. Her name was Rama. Against the customs of the time, this man taught his wife to read, who in turn taught her daughter. Her childhood was very hard and her father, mother and a sister died during a time of famine, before she was 20 years old. Finally the only remaining member of her family, a brother, also died, and she was left alone.