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11. Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters


Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 11

I wanted to post a couple more Ravenhill letters. I’m a little tired tonight, so I’ll let Leonard speak for himself. He’s quite capable. So, here you are:

We pray you are well and enjoying the sonshine of His love. I assure you the devil and hell’s emissaries are not in panic and calling an emergency meeting to plan a blockade against a Holy Ghost revival in the US or so-called Christian countries.

The economists are alarmed at the runaway economy. Bankers alarmed at the world credit. Moralists alarmed at the floodtide of porno stuff. Medical alarmed at the unstoppable aids. Military alarmed at increase of atomic stuff. Educationalists alarmed at the world ignorance. Judiciary alarmed at the swelling tide of crime. The Church is not alarmed at the plague of sin and killing depravity both inside and outside the church. Our preachers have bloody hands, swelled heads and shrunken hearts.

Two weeks ago our David had a free ticket to Hong Kong. Jackie Pullinger  there is seeing New Testament times again. If you do not have her book “Chasing the Dragon”, I will try to get one for you. In our Thursday a.m. prayer meeting the complaint is how little we know of God. One man cried, “Lord, all I have to prove for my Pentecost is tongues.” Jackie Pullinger’s life is so full, so proving His manifest power and glory.

Bohemia needs a Huss. Germany needs a Luther. England needs a Wesley. USA needs a Jonathan Edwards. I need new voltage in my soul. I need new vision of the lost. If the holiness meeting is planned for Germany, I will let you know and will send any flyer on the U K meeting. The Old Testament vintage of prophets would rage about our accepted crime, porno and lusting, lying, and liquor-loving. My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God - for mercy, not for blessing; not for evangelism, but for revival…

I heard Ravenhill say so many times, “God’s problem is not with the world, it’s with His people.” He felt that if the church was right before God, nothing in the world could stop her from accomplishing its purpose on earth. So he preached his heart out, trying to stir the church to repentance.

Nov. 12: Paul, Martha and I drove up to Maryland 1400 miles to minister to Beth Messiah Fellowship. It was a great time of worship, prayer, intercession, weeping – travail and answered prayer.

Sodom = sex perversion. Sodom = pride and fullness of bread. We have loads of both. God is not on trial, but His church is. Nothing outside the church hinders revival or His return. The bride, so-called, is flirting with the world, the flesh and the devil. Human depravity excels, extends and exalts itself. God is dead as far as capitalism or communism is concerned. Church witness shrinks and stinks. No more street meetings in the US. No more prayer meetings. No more Sunday p.m. meetings. No more sweet hour of prayer. Wednesday night… Bible study and 10 minutes prayer. We cry, O that Thou would rend the heavens. God says, “Rend your hearts, rend your lifestyles, rend your complacency. Men almost screamed out last week, “Teach me to buy eye salve. I am so blind.”

I hope to read your manuscript this week daily. I’m snowed under with requests for people. I hope to get a new, good book to you soon. There is a massive, new book on the Scottish Covenanter Martyrs…


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