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15. Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters


Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 15

Leonard’s comments are strange medicine to those accustomed to today’s flattery in public relations. I remember Tozer saying on one of our recorded messages, “I’m not the least bit bitter!” Apparently, some misinterpreted his direct and sharp reproof. Some reading these letters of Ravenhill may do the same, but Len, as Tozer, “was not in the least bitter.” He was passionately concerned for the glory of God and the welfare of Christ’s bride. He was a gentleman, very pleasant to talk to. As his wife Martha said, “He is a lion in the pulpit, but a lamb in the home.” Ah, great testimony from the private life of a fiery prophet!
May 11, 1993: How does an impotent church dare to say it was created by an omnipotent God? Even the so-called fundamentalists shy off from the miraculous. Without unction a sermon is as flat as an uncooked meal. O for flaming hearts and tongues.

The men can print from my tapes, if they are not sold. Ask Bethany for permission to re-print my book. They just informed me that "Why No Revival" is now being translated into Polish and into Chinese. How is your book doing?...

Well, my books don’t do as well as Ravenhill’s do, that’s for sure. However, the book he is talking about and the one for which he wrote the forward, “The Christ of the Apocalypse” has done especially well in Romania. It is also in Spanish, as well as English. Iain Murray considered it for publishing by Banner of Truth, but that never came to realization. In future broadcasts of the program “La iglesia y las ultimas cosas” on Radio luz a las naciones, I will be presenting Christ as He is depicted in the last book of the Bible. By the way, Leonard told me he lost his notes on the Judgment Seat of Christ and the book was never written.

March 29, 1991: Thanks for your good letter. We are so glad to hear of folks awaking to newness of eternal life. The Spirit and the Bride say “come”. When?

You did well to get a hearing from Banner of Truth. I hear they have a new book on the Haldanes. Mrs. Harvey of TN tells me she has just finished the re-polishing of “Protestant Saints”, a marvelous book on historic revival. It should be out in May. I do want to get deep into writing on the Judgment Seat.

We had 44 Mennonite men and a few others for two days of prayer. It was awesome… much real prayer, intercession and transformation. There were visions and transformations with costly personal revolutions.

Our happy, clappy, sloppy church prizes the ritual of the Lord’s Supper to the thought of the marriage supper. The God who demanded a virgin for the birth of His Son will demand a virgin for bride of His Son.


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