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19. Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters


Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 19

Because of Len Ravenhill, we came to meet Dick and Bernie Nelson. They began to come regularly to our house meetings in Minnesota. Dick ministered frequently and when we left for Germany, Dick and Bernie drove to Big Lake every Sunday for another year to minister. I wish now, that he could have stayed longer. A few years later, Dick went to be with the Lord.  

Just a few days ago, David Hunt also went into eternity. His book, The Seduction of Christianity, was an eye-opener to say the least. I have mentioned it before. My heart is burdened for young Christians of this generation, who, because they know nothing else, think that 21st Century Christianity is normal. They are in desperate need of an awakening, in order to see the awful and powerful deception that has invaded the church.

Sept. 15: I have just written to Dick Nelson. He and Bernie, his wife, are precious saints. Dick is a very able minister of the word – just a layman. You will profit mutually if you can meet.

Glad you enjoyed David Hunt’s book. How alert we need to be to be God’s voice these days. “To whom shall we go?” the disciples asked. “To whom shall we turn?” we may ask. |The answer of course – to Him alone, whose robe is the light and whose canopy is space! I tell students to read Isaiah 46 at least once a week. We… all of us, I fear… have lost sight of the awesome majesty of our Holy Father., and the vastness of eternity….

Len looked for one more moving of God upon His church and through the church, to a lost world. There is only one hope and one way and LR expressed it in the last paragraph. It’s not the newest program or the latest “revelation” by church leaders. If there is to be a fresh revelation, let it be of Christ Himself and Himself alone.

October 15: Bro. Dick Nelson is a fine Christian and a good teacher. He has passed through the fires and has been purified of much – the only way for all of us to go. “Perfecting holiness in the fear of the Lord.” It’s uphill all the way to the City of God. I’m wondering when we will get serious about being serious about the judgment threatening the nations – ours included.

“While men slept” the enemy climbed over the fence and sowed tares and now the reaping time has come – and what a harvest. Arm of the Lord awake. Since He is the Head, the arm must be His church – feeble and without strength. But, He will yet arise and scatter His enemies. He will yet shake the nations of the earth. All our man-made systems have failed. We hang upon His mercy…

Randy's Blog said...
May 2, 2013 at 7:16 AM  

Lowell, another good posting. Appreciate these letters from Ravenhill and the relationship you had with him.

Didn't know about David Hunt dying. The Seduction book was a real wake up call for people to "examine themselves to see if they are of the faith".

When the Seduction of Christianity was released, many of us gasped at the level of heresy that had permeated the church. Little did we know the level of deception 25 years down the road - now.

I have witnessed a great number of churched individuals who have now gone soft on homosexually. Not to mention the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.

Keep up the good work Lowell.


Lowell Brueckner said...
May 2, 2013 at 3:40 PM  

Amazing, isn't it, how quickly "Christians" side in with the world's propaganda. It's almost like they were waiting for an excuse to embrace perversion. Well, they never knew the God of the Bible, I'm sure of that. "They were not of us."

Thanks, Randy, for your support. It is appreciated. Encouraging words are warmly welcome in a cold spiritual climate.

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