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21. Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters


Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 21

This is my final presentation of Len’s letters to us. ‘Behaving the gospel’, was Len’s way of expressing James’ admonition: “be doers of the word and not hearers only.” James felt it was a deception to hear only and so did Len. Apparently, I had written something to Len on the Laodicean Church. I hope you will take to heart Len’s frequent statement… “A sick church in a dying world…”

December 21: My heart says ‘amen’ to the message of your tract. This for sure is the Laodicean ‘church’ age. The world does not believe the Bible and the church does not behave it. It is revival or revolution. His blood to redeem or man’s blood to ruin. A sick church in a dying world is a sorry sight.

Len obviously felt that the church needed to prepare for the Lord’s return… not because he added something to grace, but because there will be a royal wedding. What bride does not adorn herself with the finest? We will let Ravenhill’s final statement bring a close to this series: We need to buy more gold tried in the fire, purged of all alloy!

 (no date) Frances Henry Lyte went to Royal Ponton School in Ireland where our boys went 100 years later. Lyte wrote Abide With Me – “The darkness deepens Lord with me abide.” What would he say today?

There is talk here of inhabiting a planet... mess it up with pollutions, old autos and taverns? There is widespread belief here that Jesus will return in September this year, because it is Roshashana - the 50th jubilee. I see no prepared bride, no holy living, no fear of God. But He will come and His reward is with Him. No one will be overpaid at the judgment seat. No one will be underpaid “When the saints go Marching in”.

Burned at the stake, crucified in the flesh, sawn asunder, who would not accept deliverance in today’s hell called Russia. O God, how the creature comforts suffocate ‘saints’ here! Maybe we need to remind believers how judgment will not be entrusted to Gabriel or Michael. It will not be by jury, but by deity, We are writing our own ticket for it. We need to buy more gold tried in the fire, purged of all alloy…


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