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What You Were Never Told About "Raising Support"


One of the proofs of the degradation of Christianity in our day is clearly seen in preparation for mission work. George Mueller is probably the best-known example for basing a ministry on faith in God. Hudson Taylor is another. Our generation lauds these men of faith, then, in all practicality, turns from their example to man-made methods of missionary support, somehow finding excuses to justify these means. It's hypocrisy! We are not advancing the world-wide cause of Christ in this way, we are simply increasing numerical statistics.

Our grandson, John, and his wife, Clare, have already experienced the frustration of modern mission organizations' schemes in enlisting workers into their ranks. John writes about it in the article below. Please read it and may God awaken many to the deception and low level of practical Christian living in these last days. If we have turned away from a life of faith, what have we left to recommend ourselves before God? If we cannot believe God to support us through our life on earth, how can we say that we believe He will take us to heaven?

What You Were Never Told About "Raising Support" by John Brueckner

One of my friends who was raising support for the mission field told the story of a man who had gone to the field without raising the required money. She attested to the fact that he was able to pay all his bills. She then went on to comment that he should not have done this because if the funds had not come to him on the field, he would have become a burden to the mission. If you find yourself agreeing with her comment, then you may be among the majority that has been deceived.

I feel my generation has been wronged. We have been robbed of a great blessing. The preceding generation has withheld information from us. They have failed to pass along the awesome truth that God is able to take care of His people in answer to prayer… without telling a single soul about their needs. As you can see above, my friend had certainly never been told this truth.

I was talking to another friend about how his efforts to raise support were going. He said that he was having difficulties coming up with the required sum. "You know how it is," he remarked. I replied that my parents who had been missionaries for many years had never once raised support. Again, I saw that the truth that God supplies in answer to prayer without asking others for finances was not something he had ever heard. Obviously, the leaders in his organization did not believe this truth.

When asked if God can supply our needs without anyone else knowing about them, few good Christians will say it is impossible. They will say "Amen" and may even be able to give some examples from their own life to back up this assertion. However, these same people may deny this truth with their very next breath.

They may believe God can do this in special circumstances, but they do not believe He will do it for a lifetime. After all, they say, where will the money come from if nobody knows we are in need? They think God may take care of us in very difficult circumstances, but otherwise, we should rely on people to meet our necessities. The main supply is from man; God is merely the backup generator. This may not be the stated position, but it is the lie many live out and force others to follow as well.Let me give you an example. When speaking with a regional director of one mission, I asked if the promise in Matthew 6:33 was enough to constitute full support. He promptly answered "Yes," but went on to tell me it would not be enough. In this organization, man's promises of support are valued above God's. If we were to join this mission, they would have required us to raise a large sum of money before heading to the mission field. They do not believe that God can supply the needs of His people in answer to prayer without any individual being aware of the need.

Friends, God will take care of you for your entire life if you allow Him to. You do not need to go around begging for money. The earth is the Lord's and all it contains (Psalm 24:1). The Lord's hand is not so short that it cannot save; neither is His ear so dull that it cannot hear (Isaiah 59:1). He will take care of your basic needs if you seek first His kingdom and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33). This is His promise, and He is well able to keep it. See Joshua 21:45 to see how God kept all His promises to the Israelites.

The Bible does not tell us to "raise support" in order to engage in ministry. This is man's idea and man's way of doing things. This is not God's way - not the way of faith. The Bible says that because God will take care of me if I put Him first, I don't have to worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:33-34). Therefore, in faith I will go forward, trusting that as I stay in the will of God, He will provide for me. (If you do not believe God is faithful in honoring His Word, ask my father who has been in the ministry for 25 years as a missionary and pastor and has never asked for a single penny.)

Do you know what it says to others when you ask for money? It says God is not capable of supporting you. You may speak of God's supernatural power, but you will not trust your life to it. Why? Because just about everywhere you go, people are telling you that God's supernatural power cannot be trusted (or isn’t enough). This is the message they are sending you every time they encourage you to raise support.

Oh what dishonor we bring to the name of Christ when we beg from our brothers and sisters when He is able and willing to care for us. Oh what blessings we forfeit when we trust man instead of God. Let us trust God wholly and fully for the sake of His glory and the benefit of our own soul.


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