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USA, Romania and Greece


August 27 through October 8

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Volunteers' camp at Lepsa, Romania
Several months ago, I made a commitment to speak at a weekend retreat for summer volunteer workers at Teen Ranch in the mountains near Lepsa, Romania. According to camp director, Ionut Lerca, these young people had dedicated time, throughout the camp season, not only to help with the many chores on the campsite, but also to reach out a helping hand and a caring heart to the campers.

The week following the retreat, families would come from various areas of Romania to gather around the Word of God, as well as to enjoy a time of fellowship. I requested that these dates would be placed, as late as possible in September, so that there would be a little distance between them and our granddaughter, Jessica’s, wedding on September 12.

Margaret and I planned to leave Spain on August 27, in order to spend as much time as possible with different members of our family before the wedding. Because of a legal stipulation, I thought it would be necessary to return home shortly afterwards. Upon further thought and investigation, I saw that this condition would not apply to our trip. Therefore, in order to make the most of it, we extended our time in the States to September 22.

Great-grandkids in Swanton, VT
We landed in Montreal, Canada, and shortly after we stepped out of the terminal, Dan, Shelley, Anna and Ruth drove by to pick us up. They live about 15 minutes on the other side of the Canadian border in Vermont. We had a short visit with them and with Dave and boys. On Sunday morning, August 30, Dan asked me to speak to the adult Sunday School class and then in the morning service, after which we started the 24-hour drive from Vermont to Minnesota.

Herman & Zane Williams - Mokahum 1956
We were with Sam and Sarah for a few day at Mokahum, where my dad was director from 1955-57. I had a nice visit with Zane Williams, whose dad, Herman, was a student while we lived there, and is the Navajo, whose stories I recount often. Mike came to Cass Lake to pick us up and drove us to his home in Elk River, where we arrived in time to watch Emily play volleyball. A sophomore, she plays on both the JV and varsity teams. We had a great time and I spoke at the church where Mike and Bert Sepulveda pastor.

Irish friend & Dave at wedding
We were lent a brand-new Ford van for the trip to North Dakota. I have already told the story of Jessica and Dylan’s wedding in another article, so I won’t add much here. Raquel tells us that many people, who are not Christians, mention that it was the nicest wedding that they had ever attended, a testimony to the presence of God. Grandson Andy took me horseback riding one afternoon close to Mayville, where he works on a horse farm.

Steve, Karyn & family 
Then, we flew to Little Rock, Arkansas, and Phil, Leah, Lisa and Jason took us on to northern Arkansas, where Steve and Karyn bought a home on 20 acres of land. Only God knows what is in store for them, because they sought carefully His will in their move from Alaska. The kids are enrolled in school now. We had a really good visit together and later had a meeting with the boys from RETO in Little Rock.

Debbie, Lance & family
From Little Rock, we flew to upstate New York to spend a couple days with Lance, Deborah and family, another short, but great, visit. Dan and family picked us up and we spent the last few days of our trip with them and Dave. We watched Ethan play soccer and on Sunday, I again spoke at church.

We arrived home on September 23 in the late afternoon and the next morning, I boarded a plane for Bucharest. Ionut came to take me to the campsite, a trip of several hours and the volunteer camp started the next day. Throughout this trip, from the USA to Greece, I ministered on the need to feed the Lord’s flock and precisely that is what I tried to do. I spoke on Christ’s extreme, perfect, eternal love for His flock and His intense desire to come in and sup with them. To the families at camp, I went on to talk about the organic church. You can read all the messages on this blog.

Athens from the Acropolis
After the last day of camp, I went with Ionut and his family to Bucharest and the next day flew to Athens, the last leg of an exhausting trip. Until the eighth, I was with Roberto and Lola, who lead the drug rehab work there and enjoyed good fellowship with them. I spoke several times in two days and was treated to an excursion up to the Acropolis, where Paul presented the true and living God, unknown to the citizens of Athens.

Margaret met me at the Vigo airport and I arrived home at night on the eighth and immediately had to record two radio
Atop the Acropolis
for the weekend. Yesterday, I went with my friend, Melo, to do a broadcast in Santiago. Next week, as you can imagine, will be a time to try to catch up on work at home, including recording more broadcasts and a lot of writing. Then on October 22, I will leave for Romania again, where I will have the privilege of speaking at another wedding in Suceava – the 15th or 16th to which I have been invited in that country. Afterwards, there will be meetings in the area. I covet your prayers for the power of the Holy Spirit upon the Word, so that it will penetrate and do its supernatural work in the heart. I depend on Him.



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