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Lowell Brueckner

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A Very Small Bookstore

Let me take you into a very small bookstore to let you browse for a while. There are only eight books, so you will be able to pick up each one and read its description on the back cover. If any one of them catches your attention and you think you would like to read it, please order it at the following email address: . The price of each one is $6.00 or euros, plus postage, except for the Psalms meditation book, which is $8.00 or euros, plus postage.

The Christ of the Apocalypse

Here is a small book written with an unskilled pen. It concerns the most magnificent personality ever to cross the paths of mortal men. I am not worthy to pronounce His name, much less am I capable of expounding on the least of His qualities. Yet the Psalmist commands, “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.” Therefore, I hope I am not too presumptuous in attempting to exhale a little of what I have inhaled as I meditated on the Christ of the Apocalypse.
Lowell Brueckner

Leonard Ravenhill said: “Of a dozen books I have on the Apocalypse, this one has moved me most.”

What Our Hands Have Handled

This book is designed, so that each chapter can be read independently. There are twelve different stories, yet together they tell one. Pick it up, open to any chapter and read a story, or read it through, from beginning to end. The stories are about real people, ordinary people, who, in normal circumstances, would produce nothing worthy to be written in a book. However God, with a plan in mind, made their circumstances anything but normal.

Daily Meditations in the Psalms

This is a year-round devotional book, featuring the Psalms, song book and prayer manual of the Jews. It is part of the Hebrew tree into which every believer in Christ has been grafted and so it becomes his hymn book and prayer book, as well. To each text from the Psalms, short daily meditations follow, as aids to help the reader progressively adjust his prayers biblically, in order to pray as Jesus taught us, that is, “according to His will.”

The Psalms were written by different men, but without a doubt the captain of the literary team was David, king of Israel, described in 2 Samuel, chapter 23 as the man who was raised up on high, the anointed of the God of Jacob, and the sweet psalmist of Israel”. Besides being a poet, not a common one, but the most read sage of all times, David was particularly distinguished as a man after God’s own heart. He was a legend in his time and a historical figure sine par, until his glorious Son arose to be its King and the Savior of the world.

The Psalms portray much more than poetry and song. They write the biography of the person, who is blessed of God, and uncover a deep personal relationship between a man and the One, who chose him to be molded to His likeness.

The theme of the Psalms is our relationship with God, which is also the basis of our devotional life. They are as a long journey that promotes spiritual growth in an individual life. Worship seems to become increasingly exuberant as we near the end of the book and the final chapters express an overflow of gushing, heartfelt praise.

The meditations attempt to catch a breath of the rarefied breeze that blows from Mt. Zion’s peak, which the Psalmists had personally experienced.

God Made the Country
(Man Made the City)

Before us we have a book in which the author, making use of an allegory, the greatest part of which is based on true life experiences, introduces us to the most important aspects of the Christian life. Its solid and profound content,  which at the same time possesses a certain simplicity, exhorts us to return to biblical principle, so badly devalued in the times in which we live.

I hope that reading it will not leave you indifferent, but will lead you to gaze upon the eternal and awake in you a deep desire to satisfy the heart of a God, who expects pleasure from His people.

Now, open these pages and your heart and let the Holy Spirit reveal to you the spiritual truth, which unfolds chapter by chapter. 

Seek the Kingdom of God in three parts…

If there should be one chief priority in life, it would be to seek the Kingdom of God. All human needs are found in the Kingdom and life is worthless outside of it. It is not only a future Kingdom, but one in which we can enter today and stay throughout eternity. We were born to find God’s love and until the soul has reached its goal, our lives can find no rest.

These books will be a stimulant for the person, who longs to obey the commandment that Jesus gave us: “Seek the Kingdom of God”. They will awaken a longing to embark on a supreme quest into the invisible, the infinite and heavenly things of God.

With a biblical foundation, the author also seriously warns against the danger of imposters, pretending to usurp Christ’s throne, who lurk in hiding to entrap hungry hearts.

1.     Seeking the King of the Kingdom

This first volume concentrates on a search for the King of the Kingdom, in accordance with the wonderful verse in Hebrews, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever”. Its theme is to demonstrate that the King of all Ages, with supreme majesty and splendor, is still within reach.
2.     Seeking the Truth of the Kingdom

This second volume concentrates on a search for the Truth of the Kingdom, without which it is impossible to walk in the Kingdom and not to be diverted from its pathway. Truth is a living force that pulsates and breathes. It is eternal and spiritual, powerful and heavenly, mysterious and supernatural. It is much more than a collection of principles, commandments and doctrines that teachers teach and students learn. It is truth that attracts us to the Light and that turns our ears so that we can hear Christ’s voice. All other attributes of the Kingdom must be subject to the truth.

3.     Seeking the Spirit of the Kingdom

“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit” (Zechariah 4:6) is the central theme of this third and last volume. It is of extreme importance that we point our entire lives towards this purpose, because only as the Spirit works in us are we able to fulfill the eternal will of the Father and live to the glory of God without self-serving motivation. The only One, who can put into action eternal powers by His omnipotence, develop infinite plans by His omniscience and work out divine purposes to completion with an unbreakable will, is uniquely the Holy Spirit of God. He is the right answer to all the questions regarding how to further the Kingdom of God and how to function in it.

We Have an Altar

Popular trends today run diametrically cross-current to the central themes taught in the New Testament. This book is offered to reverse the flow, at least in the individual hearts and minds of its readers. It declares that Calvary’s cross is the Christian altar of sacrifice. It claims that the cross is the focal point that illustrates and encloses all that has to do with practical Christian living. It is not only the place where a sinner finds love and acceptance with God, but it opens the door to an entirely new way of thinking and motivation.

Unquestionably, the absence of the preaching of the cross in much of Christendom has led to its low level presently. Not a few preachers and teachers hold to an unsanctified world view, smudged by the society that surrounds them. They proclaim a lopsidedly positive message, guaranteeing their followers fulfillment to dreams of success. They are out-of-touch with heaven and in agreement with a world system, which will soon come to its predetermined end. The Apostle Paul said that they are “enemies of the cross of Christ”.

Serious Christians need to read this book. Only the uncompromisingly sincere will accept and benefit from its message. It will expose them to truth that is not commonly taught in the 21st Century, but they will find that it is undeniably the central point of New Testament proclamation.


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