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The Reality of Being in the Presence of God


It wasn’t long ago that we posted the testimony of Hector. If you haven’t read it, be sure that you do. You will easily find it, just a couple articles below this one. It would be good, if you read it first. Many told that God did an important work through this entire circumstance. I believe that this testimony is more than a comforting account; it was also a message from the Lord, advising a people of things that will be taking place in the near future. They will be very difficult days, but at the same time, very precious, in which the eternal and heavenly things will become a clear reality. Paul called these difficult things light afflictions… compared to the exceeding weight of glory. Jesus taught that the Christian does not ever die; he only departs from his body to go immediately into the presence of God.  

An individual who was present in the funeral parlor, where Hector’s body lay, at that moment received a revelation and tells the story in the paragraphs that follow…

Whenever I recall that time surrounding the accident of our dear Hector, it comes with a sweet sense of the presence and glory of God, mixed, of course, with the suffering and pain caused by such a situation, in the first place, that of his family, and then others, whom God permitted to be part of his life, in one way or another. There are many things and moments from those days that are worthy of special mention, but there is something that stands out to me that will be with me forever. I saw, as I have never seen before, the reality of eternity and resurrection life. Human language, I know, is very limited, when it comes to explaining things that are not of this world, but in spite of that, and with the help of God, I will attempt to do so.

“The Lord was there, at the entrance of his mansion, giving his inheritance to the righteous one…”  That is the line of a beautiful song that his sister, Sara, a few friends and I were singing in the funeral parlor, where the lifeless body of Hector now lay. Just at that moment, by the grace of God, I could see Hector beyond what my physical eyes or my imagination could ever be permitted to see. I have to confess that I have never had a vision, so I don’t know what I should call this experience, but in fact, I don’t believe that is important.

As we were singing, I tried to receive some comfort through the words expressed in the song, without a single doubt about the reality of those words and of what awaits those who die in Christ. However, it was very hard for me to see the suffering of his parents, sisters, relatives, friends, etc… before which no one can be indifferent. How difficult, if not impossible, it is to console someone passing through these circumstances! So I believe, besides the personal benefit received from this experience, God wanted to comfort his family, especially through what I saw and, I repeat, it was by the pure grace of God that I was given this privilege, and not because of anything, having to do with me. To Him be the glory!

Now comes the difficult part, for which words will not suffice, and it will have to be captured through the spirit of those, who read this; at least, this is what I desire! I will try not to add any impression, explanation, opinion, or anything else outside of what I received.

So, as we sang the song that I mentioned, suddenly I was able to see (surely in a far smaller way in comparison to how it is in reality) the inheritance, of which Hector had now taken possession. The vision entirely broke me up. It was glorious! Tears of sadness were transformed into tears of pure joy… a joy that I could not contain and the more I gazed, the more it overflowed.  Everything was joy there, and there was Hector. He didn’t have a physical body, but I recognized him perfectly. He was surrounded with joy, joy, joy… he was immersed in it and he himself reflected it. The impression that I had of it, was of something without limits and exceeds anything that I can now comprehend or express. I haven’t the faintest doubt that Hector would ever want to return from that place, just as I didn’t want to stop contemplating it.

At that moment, I knew that this experience was not only for me, but God had given it to me as a way to console his family and I knew I had to tell it to them. I won’t detail the battle that followed and how the enemy of God and our souls tried to confuse me and discourage me to keep me from telling them. But, thank God, He helped me and I was able to be faithful to what I had to do. Everything else, I leave in His hands.


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