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Quotes from People Who Understand the Righteousness of God


I hope that you will not misinterpret my intentions, as I post various articles that have to do with the justice and the wrath of God… not that any misinterpretation will make any difference in the posts that I present in this blog. I realize that modern mentality will judge this “unbalanced, judgmental, and lacking of love”. But the comments that I will post will deal with that opinion.

First, I have a book of daily meditations that major in that subject throughout the month of June. Secondly, there is a tremendous lack of emphasis in this area in the church in general. Come on folks, let’s wake up from the sleepy diabolical notion, dominating the evangelical pulpits in our times, that God will overlook our sin and love us, even though we love our sin more than we love Him. So, please pay attention to the following excerpts from various authors, present and past:

“Any discussion of God’s character that does not include His wrath is incomplete. Worse yet, it may be an errant study because one of the very real, inescapable truths about our great God is that He is a God of wrath. The issue is not whether we like it, want it or agree with it. The Bible has more to say about God’s wrath than it does about His love.” (Tony Evans).

“Crooks are so called because they are crooked. They are not straight. God is straight… He killed Nadab and Abihu. He killed Uzzah. He did the same thing to Ananias and Sapphira in the New Testament. But these were all righteous acts of judgment…” (R. C. Sproul).

“Many seem to be afraid to contemplate justice as an attribute of benevolence. Any demonstration of it among men causes them to recoil and shudder as if they saw a demon. But let it have its place in the glorious circle of God’s moral attributes. It must have. It will have. It cannot have otherwise. Justice executes law. It aims to produce commercial honesty, public and private integrity and tranquility… we shall forever see its bright but awful and glorious displays in the dark and curling folds of that pillar of smoke of the torment of the damned that ascends up before God forever and ever.” (Charles Finney).

“The justice of God is a part of His goodness. God Himself thought so when He told Moses He would make all His goodness pass before him (Ex.33:19). Included in that goodness was His unwillingness to clear the guilty (Ex.34:7)… It is no less righteous to punish a person for his sins than it is to reward a person who obeys God’s will.” (Stephan Charnock).

“One might easily conclude today that the wrath of God is fiction. No longer are churches aflame with a lively sense of God’s anger against sin. Some churchmen feel the need to apologize for any stress on divine wrath, and many theologians are inclined to moderate or even to reinterpret it… Modern men need to hear again the echo of Edward’s message, ‘Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God’… Jonathan Edward’s God is still angry.” (A Christianity Today reader).

“Whoever declares the love of God to the exclusion of God’s justice and wrath proclaims little but idle sentiment. No one will ever truly desire salvation unless he first realizes that there is something to be saved from.” (L. W. Munhall 1843-1931).


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