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Trip to Croatia


On April 10 I boarded a plane at the nearby Vigo airport and at 8:20 that evening I landed in Zagreb, Croatia. My friend, Segundo, was there to meet me and I stayed with him and his wife, Susana, until Saturday morning. On Friday, Segundo asked me to do three meetings with the young men and ladies in the center, along with the couples that lead the work. I saw rapt attention to the Word of God, sometimes accompanied by tears. 

Slave in Borovo, in a photo taken about 15 years ago.
On Saturday, Slave came to take me to Osijek and with him was the man, who was to be my host during my stay. I came to know Slave through our son, Dan, when he and Shelley were missionaries in Macedonia. Dan encouraged young men to launch into full-time ministry and Slave, along with others, went to Osijek for Bible training. There he met Lovorka, a Croatian girl and now they have four children. Dan and I, along with Herman Williams and Tom Kyle, came several times, on Slave’s invitation, to minister in the Osijek area. It had been about 13 years since my last trip. On that trip I had an attack of pancreatitis and was in the hospital for six days, an unforgettable experience.

In a church in Borovo, a suburb of Vukovar, I renewed acquaintance with a family that came to the Lord at that time. Vukovar and Borovo suffered almost total destruction during the Yukoslav war and the house of the family mentioned was in ruins. I can’t take the time to tell all their testimony, but almost the entire family came to the Lord. Slave told me this time that he prayed with the grandfather, an avowed communist, on his deathbed. I saw again an elderly lady, who got leave from the hospital to attend our meetings over a weekend. She was there with cancer and when she returned to the hospital and tests were done, it was discovered that the cancer had disappeared.

My kind host during the time in Osijek area
On the first Sunday, Slave drove for four hours to take me to a Sunday morning meeting in another part of Croatia. The pastor wants me to return to hold a conference with other pastors in his area. We drove four hours back to Borovo for a 5:00 p.m. meeting and then to Osijek for a 7 o’clock meeting in a hotel conference room. I was back in Borovo from Monday to Wednesday and from Thursday through Saturday, we had meetings with a new fellowship of Christians in Beli Monaster (apologies for bad spelling) that meets in a café. Once again, we held three meetings on Sunday. I suppose, unbelievers attended every service held.

Slave’s ministry has really developed and includes TV preaching. He has a business, which makes knickknacks that is doing well, plus his work in establishing churches in the area. I have his invitation to come back to minister again, especially to give intense Bible study with young men.

World War II memorial over the Danube River
I returned to Zagreb by train and spent another day with Segundo and Susana. I enjoyed two more meetings in the center and on Tuesday, the 22nd boarded the plane for Barcelona and spent the day with Jose and Ana. In Barcelona, I was asked to speak to the couples in the center and then hold a general meeting in the evening. During this time I have ministered around a theme, which has been seriously impressed upon my heart… An infinite God, infinite sin against Him, infinite punishment as a result of that sin, the infinite love of God and an infinite sacrifice, that brings infinite salvation. I suppose it’s just a resume of the gospel.

I ask your prayers… on the morning of Thursday, the 24th, Margaret picked me up in Vigo and I returned home. On Monday, I will be leaving for a conference in Misiones, Argentina. I no sooner return home than I must prepare for another trip to Ireland. I depend upon God for His presence and power throughout this time, as well as physical strength and energy.  

Unknown said...
April 30, 2014 at 1:42 AM  

You have been a blessing to us all in Croatia.God bless you.Vesna and Bernard.

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