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Old Photos


For the most part, we want to share the Word with you on this blog, but we also would like that you come to know us a little. A few days ago, I found some photos in our store room that I hadn’t seen for years. You will see us as we were when we lived in Mexico and you will also see some of our friends from that same period. There are also a few taken after that time. 


I am not sure how many children we had as we launched this trip from Minnesota to Mexico. There were at least five, so you can see that we were well loaded. There was baggage on top, bicycles behind and seven people, at least, inside. One time, we also carried a trail bike in front.

For a few years, I had a single-engine plane that was very useful for flying over mountainous terrain, where there were few roads, and fewer still that were in good shape. The ways that God provided for these things were astounding and you might find it difficult to believe that this Cessna 182 cost me a total of $1,200. No, I didn’t order that paint job, it was like that when I got the plane from another missionary. But, it is one of my favorite verses.


Here we are, Margaret and I, in a photo that wasn’t taken last year, I can assure you. But the way time flies by, it also doesn’t seem like it was so long ago. Life is a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. How is it going with your life?


This is our kids’ teacher, while we lived in the city of Oaxaca. Her husband was a missionary. Our oldest kids (twins) had to start school and we didn’t want them in the public system. Margaret and I didn’t have teaching qualifications, but just the same, we were going to give home schooling a try. We’ll never forget the night that we were getting everything ready to start classes the next day, when someone knocked at the door. Opening it, we saw this couple and heard these words, “We want to start a school for missionary children and we came to see if you wanted to enroll yours". God not only gives provisions, vehicles and other materials, but also provides people, in this case a professional teacher, who not only gave us wonderful help, but became great friends, with whom we had sweet fellowship. Vern is now with the Lord, but Willa Edmonds continues to serve Him among Mexican people. 


Gomez, the painter, was in a depression, when we first met him, but soon found the One who gives joy and peace. We began meetings in his house in Pinotepa Nacional. More than 35 years have gone by since Javier Gomez began to shepherd this flock that now has grown to 500 sheep in the same city.

Near Pinotepa is the village of Mancuernas, where Abel Olmedo the singer lived. Abel also suffered 
from depression to the point of being suicidal. When we came for the first time to a meeting that we held at night in the open air, I asked him if he hadn’t thought about surrendering his life to Christ. He said no, so I told him that at whatever point God would reach out and touch his life, he could call out to Him and He would hear him. A few days later in his corn field, Abel called on the Lord and God heard and gave him peace. AS Javier, Abel has pastored for over 35 years.

This photo also was taken a few years ago. I knew the Pedd family, when Carlos had just been converted in the state of Wisconsin. God called him to Huajuapan, Oaxaca, from where, many years ago, he returned to his native Argentina. How God has used His servant, bringing many to the feet of Jesus! Friends, as it says at the top of the picture, Pray for Argentina!

After we left Mexico, I came to know Leonard Ravenhill. This photo was taken, when he was over 80 years old and we invited him to come to Minnesota and preach the Word to us. He brought Martha with him and his son, David, who also shared the Word in the meetings. Standing is Dick Nelson and his wife, Bernie, on each side of Margaret. Dick took our place, when we moved to Germany. Above 90 people were meeting in our house every Sunday at that time. 

  In the 1980’s, no one stopped the companions of the passengers from strolling with them all the way to the gates of the airplanes. So we went with Len and Martha as they boarded the plane that would take them back to Lindale, Texas. There was a delay in the take-off, due to a mechanical difficulty, so I asked permission to board the plane to spend some more time with this great man of God. It was the last time that we saw him, although we remained in contact for several years by telephone and mail until, in 1994, Len went to his encounter with Jesus. Martha went to live some years more in Argentina with her son, who was a missionary, before she also went to be with Christ and her husband in heaven.

 We went to live in Germany and I could tell you a lot of things about that time. A young man, Gerhardt Wolf, came to our house on his bike to spend time with our kids. It was not long before he received Christ and began to attend our home Bible studies. Many years have gone by and Gerhardt is married and has children, but continues to walk with the Lord. Oh God, how thankful we are to be able to participate in your eternal plans! May many of Your children receive encouragement from these pictures and stories. May they know that You have things for them that they can’t imagine at this time. May they receive courage to obey You and follow wherever you lead without looking for backing from men. May there be once again, as in days gone by, I ask You, people who are not cowards, who are not concerned what it may cost them to leave everything for the love of Your name and for Your glory.


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