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A Pictorial


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  I was raised in a Christian home by parents, who were totally dedicated to Christ and his church. My father taught me a walk of faith and to move in the Spirit. In 1964, I left my job, wishes, plans and ambitions to serve my Lord, working with the youth in my dad’s meetings, traveling with various evangelists and singing. In 1965, I went to Mexico and there, Margaret and I met and were married. Following are photos that illustrate a little about how God has worked in different people in different parts of the world.

  We began to work in a town called Mancuernas, Oaxaca, Mexico, and this lady and her husband were some of the first converts. One day, she came to our house, asking that I speak to her father, who was dying of cancer. I had the privilege of leading him to the Lord. Not long afterwards, just before he died, with many relatives and family around his bed as witnesses, he exclaimed, "I see the glory of God! Can't you see it! That's where I'm going!" This lady's nephew has been pastor in Mancuernas for more than 35 years. We were in Mexico until 1979.

  A good friend, Carlos Pedd and his son-in-law, Miguel. Carlos leads a work that helps drug addicts in Argentina and other nations in South America. Miguel is in charge of the work in Misiones. Over 30 years ago, I visited Carlos and his family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He had not been a Christian very long and he was witnessing faithfully at his place of employment. But he felt that God was calling him to Mexico and that's where he went. God gave him much fruit in a very difficult city called Huajuapan and, as a result, there are now three large churches there. In 2009, I went to Huajuapan to a youth conference with 300 attending and Carlos has invited me twice to conventions in Argentina. I love and esteem him.

  From 1979 until 1986, we were in the USA, where we held meetings in our home. In time, our house was filled with more than 90 people attending every Sunday. Those years produced two excellent daughters-in-law, whose families attended those meetings. One, Karyn, can be seen in this photo on the left side, next to our son, Steve, and their children. The father of another daughter-in-law, Jim Wheatley, after he retired, studied for the ministry and is now pastor of a church in Minnesota. The Zosel children, pictured here, were small at that time. We emphasized prayer for revival and held regular prayer meetings. After we moved to Europe, Tim (right in the middle of the photo) went to college and joined with a group of about 15 students for Bible study and prayer. God began to move among them and soon there were 200 attending. Another young man, who was with us at the time, told me recently of a great move in the church, where he and his family later attended. I came to know Leonard Ravenhill in 1983 and we asked him to come for meetings, in which we joined with several other churches. God answered our prayers in His way, fulfilling His plans. We never can imagine just how He wills to work out His eternal purposes.

  In October, 1986, we moved to Germany. In the beginning it was very difficult, but now we can see fruit, not only in German people, but in people who came from other countries to work in Germany, as well as American soldiers. We still have contact with some of them and they tell us how God continues to work in their lives. A few years ago, I met with for this meeting in a home in Bavaria. 

  One day, Anian, a good German friend, came to visit and presented me with a hand-written notebook, containing the full German translation to "What Our Hands Have Handled". We didn't even know the people who translated it, but visiting two or three years ago, Anian took me to meet Michi and Lydia. They told me that now they are working on "Daily Meditations in the Psalms". Here they are in front of their home near the Alps. So without any personal imput on my part, God has touched different people in distinct places and they are translating our books in other languages (at the moment into Bulgarian and Macedonian).

  While we still lived in Germany, Dan, Shelley and their boys went to live in Macedonia. Communism still left some traces there and they were able to stay only because God worked things out. After many difficulties, they began to see fruit, especially in being able to organize a translation of the New Testament, as well as in visiting a house for invalids. Roza, sitting in the middle of the photo, was powerfully converted and now is well-know in all of Macedonia, because of interviews on TV and her painting exhibitions, which she paints with her mouth. We visited Macedonia a lot at that time.

   After the fall of communism, the doors opend to Eastern Europe. Here we are in Slovakia, holding an outdoor meeting. The people in this region spoke Hungarian, so we are translating from English to Slovak and then from Slovak to Hungarian.

 Last month, I was with a group of 26 Romanian men that live and work in France. They go to this 19th century castle twice a year for a week-end of fasting and prayer. They invited me to join them and to share the word three times a day for two-hour sessions. Then, I went with them to their church in Paris, where a thousand people attend. There are only chairs for 700, so the rest stand throughout the meeting... and this one lasted 3 1/2 hours! The three pastors have jobs and take no finances from the church, yet tend the flock faithfully in visiting and counseling.

  Also in December, I spoke at a church in Varna, Bulgaria, with 500-600 members and they invite me to soon return for a convention with various churches in the area. They also want to hold a young people's rally. Both in the church in Paris and in Varna, the praise time was very pleasant and the singing was heartfelt. I was very happy to be among them.

  I have seen the most fruit in Romania, especially in youth and family camps. Commonly I go to Romania three or four times a year. One ministry came unexpectedly... that is, to unite couples in matrimony! I think I have spoken at least in ten weddings there. In this photo, I count six pairs of these young people and each one of them are dedicated to the Lord. Among them are the camp caretakers (Teen Ranch), my translator and her husband, who are praying that God will open a door for them to Turkey, Anca, who writes for a missionary newspaper, translates books and, together with her husband, Teo, help make these books available to the public, and Laurentiu and Simona, who now are in Ireland...

  ... and then, Vali and Eliza, who translate and publish the best Christian books for God's people in Romania. Their ministry has strengthened and even transformed Christianity in the country.

    Paul surrendered to Christ in one of the first youth camps, to which I was invited to share in Romania. Paul now is a missionary to India and, in this photo, stands beside the figure of an Indian lady (life size), who was greatly used of God at the beginning of the 20th century. Paul took me to speak at a mission that she founded to help "child widows" and many others in need. During the lifetime of this lady, Pandita Ramabai, God poured out His Spirit and 100s of Indians found Christ, as an answer to the prayers, which were raised to Him, by a group of people in the mission, totally given to a ministry of prayer. It began with 70 people and grew to 700.

  In 2008, Christians in Orissa, India suffered a terrible persecution. Many were tortured and killed, houses and churches were burnt. In my last trip to India, I was invited to give the word to this group of pastors in Orissa. They can tell you stories of relatives who were killed, of having their houses burnt, and of fleeing to the jungle to hide from the radical Hindus.

  And finally, a little about our sons and daughters. They also give me work when Margaret and I visit them, because all of them are involved in the things of God. Our 28 grandchildren begin to experience God's reality and now we have a great-grandchild. The photo on top is of the church, where Dan is pastor, and God is working and drawing people to Christ. Dan and Dave have written articles, which you can read on this blogspot, clicking on "Call to Commitment" articles. Dave lives in the same village, Swanton, Vermont. Steve and his family live among the native people in Alaska and Tom, Raquel, and family work with youth that are from broken and troubled homes in Finley, ND. Lance, Deborah and family are in New York State, Phillip, Leah and family are in Arkansas, and at this time, Sammy, Sarah and Rebecca are visiting them. In the last photo, I am giving a message to the young people of the church in Minnesota, where Mike, Rachel and their children live and Mike is the youth pastor of a bunch of dedicated young people.

We want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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