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10. Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters


Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 10

Today at midday, I gave the Bible study for the Spanish program, “The Church and the Last Things”, speaking from Revelation 12. I came across verses 9-10 about Satan, who deceives the whole world and is the accuser of the brethren. After the disciples were brought before Jerusalem’s leaders, they prayed, not that they would escape persecution, but that they would speak the Word with Holy Spirit boldness. I spent a good deal of time, expounding on the world and its leaders being under satanic deception and how Satan has and is convincing the nations that God’s people are dangerous, deceived and destructive. Therefore we can expect persecution in the future. It is not hard for me to imagine being taken to court and having these radio programs used as evidence against me!

Then, I take out one of Len’s letters and smile at his absolute brashness and lack of political correctness. He mentioned names and organizations freely in his criticism. In fact, I feel constrained to omit some. No, I didn’t always agree with him, but I always thanked God for such a fearless one, who could not be silenced nor evade the consequences of the powerful declaration of truth. Read and profit!

Wed. Ap. 27: Beloved, thanks for your most encouraging letter. There is a Greek fable that a fiery dragon roared out of a cave each year, demanding seven young warriors which it devoured. None dare defy the dragon. Today we have an empty-bellied dragon called war glaring at today’s crop of youth and wanting to devour it. We spend millions of dollars to sharpen the teeth of this blood-lusting monster. Peace treaties are paralyzed paper forces, just as paper theology floats on a sea of carnal reasoning. Here is my view: Today the Christian must say ‘no’ to this whole world system, which is but damnation frosted over with the glitter of success and illuminated with scientific luster, nevertheless it is a work eaten with depravity and it has God’s sentence of death upon it.

Today’s evangelists here in the USA care for the crowd. The old-time preachers cared for souls. The old-time preachers knew nothing of commercials, computers or compromise. I believe that sometimes we are disabled in order to be enabled. If we could find King David’s harp, could it be played without first being tuned up? Will the teaching of Wesley or Finney be fruitful without a new breath from God upon it? …

When you have taken time to meditate on that above, then try to digest this:

Aug.22: Thanks for your disturbing letter and its disgusting news. When a godly missionary from India dropped in here, he had stopped by ???? in Hawaii. He challenged that they had no dress code on the campers. Girl’s shorts were indecent. They are okay so long as their cheeks are not showing.

Bill Gaither team and Debbie Boone will sing here this week-end for $15 per person. Maybe 5000 will go. They would not come to my prayer meeting for free! That very welcome thief TV has stolen godly fellowship from home. Innocent games ???  Bibles in hiding until Sunday… TV made pastors sports’ specialists with a side attraction as Peeping Toms. TV=Terrifyingly Vicious… Tormentingly Vulgar… Too greatly Victorious in shattering home peace and home unity. Sport is king of the world, Entertainment his queen. They hold court daily, demanding hourly attention, causing strife and division, argument and contention. It is not cruelty in the world that obstructs Christ’s return, but carnality in the church. Today’s preaching has failed to make Christ attractive, while it has made sin inoffensive. TV is a pipeline from hell into the modern sitting room. Pipeline number 2 is dialaphone. A 14-year-old just dialed $4000 of porno conversation into his grandmother’s home unknown to her.

Paul, Irene and family are home until Christmas . Their 8-year-old has a vicious diabetes…


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