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God Stands by His Own


Many of you have been praying for Leah, our daughter. She is married to Phil and has two children, Lisa and Jason. Jason has autism. Leah was diagnosed with breast cancer not long ago and just as treatment began, she apparently had a severe reaction to medication. I'll admit, it scared me, but people in many places were called to prayer, and the hand of God was evident in a recovery that took the nurses by surprise. I won't tell that story just now, but will go on to say tht she went through chemotherapy, followed by a mastectomy. Monday, she saw her surgeon for the first time after the operation and today we received the following notice from Phil. I think, you will be able to see how the Lord stands by His children in these traumatic episodes of life:

Hi everyone

On Monday, we had an appointment with Leah's surgeon. He was well-pleased at how everything went and looked. We don't have to go see him for another eight weeks. He said he was able to get the whole tumor. Praise God!

We just got home from the appointment with the oncologist. She said the size of the tumor was six cm... that is pretty big. What they found, when they sent it to the lab to check it out, is that there was only 2.8 cm. of it that was malignant. They can't believe it! Both the oncologist and her nurse give all credit and praise to God. They cannot take praise for what has happened, and they say the fact that it didn't spread to the lymph nodes was amazing. They say it is a very good report. No more cancer! The oncologist says she doesn't know what to do. It would be normal to continue with some chemo, but she doesn't see any reason why. She is asking for a few days to pray about it.

We do praise God and God alone for this report and for His abundant love and for all your prayers. The fact that the doctors say it was God and not them, says a lot also. Men like to take glory for what God does, but they know and testify by giving God glory. AMEN.

I had the great privilego of sharing the gospel this week with quite a few people and I was quite surprised at the amount of them, who thought or saw themselves as worthy of God's gifts, etc. Few people see themselves as sinners, who deserve hell and eternal damnation. I was listening to Christian radio today and I was also amazed at how many songs would talk about how you must love yourself first, before you can love others. So sad. 

Whatever happened to the first commandment: Love the Lord your God... that is number one. And to do that, we MUST deny ourselves. Today I was meditating on John the Baptist, whom Jesus said there is no other born of woman like him.  In other words, there is no one greater than John on earth, yet we see John humbly say, "I am not worthy to even tie His sandals. 

I pray that I may never forget His position, His lordship in my life. He is my God. Please, people of God, I urge you to let Him have the kingship in your lives and be His servants. He gave His life for us... let us live for Him. Time is running out. Let's show the world what Christians ought to be and who Jesus really is.

God bless you all, Phil and Leah Pollnow.


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