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The God of Mormonism


Joseph Smith
Around the world, young men in white shirts and ties knock on the front doors of unsuspecting people. They carry Bibles, but they have another book, in which they put much more faith... The Book of Mormon. Part of the work of every minister of truth is to expose satanic lies, which are capable of entrapping souls and sending them to hell. Therefore in June of 2015, I first published a series of articles exposing three major world cults. I want to bring them to the foreground again for those who have not read them and especially for those who are not familiar with the background and teaching of these false cults. The following is an article on Mormonism and I will soon follow this article with another on Mormon polygamy. Please read this carefully, taking into account the eternal danger of spiritual deceit. 1 Thessalonians 2:12: That they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Ignorant people with wild assertions

Ray Comfort has produced several short videos on Mormonism and I will quote a few things from one of them later. After Islam, Mormonism is the fastest growing religion in the world. I think God’s people need to know more about the roots of Mormonism and all the cults, for that matter. Perhaps I will take on a small project in these days to reveal some of the major errors of the cults, the roots of some very bad trees. We will see. If the roots of a tree are bad, Jesus taught, you cannot expect good fruit (Mt.7:17-19; 12:33).

William Miller, the co-founder of the Seventh Day Adventists, came forward, more or less in 1818, about the same time as Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (the Mormons). They both were ignorant young men, who appeared in the same state of New York. Miller prophesied of the return of Christ after 1840, and then postponed his prediction twice, before he gave up. Meanwhile, his followers sold their lands and properties in preparation for what never happened. Enter Helen G. White from Maine, an ignorant woman, who followed William Miller and became a leader and co-founder of the Adventist movement. Charles Russell, the founder of the Jehovah Witnesses began his radical Bible studies in the 1870s in the state of Pennsylvania, after attending the meetings of the Adventists. So within 50 years, three of the major cult movements began in the same area of the United States.

Visitation of Moroni. Notice siblings asleep. 
Joseph Smith had a tremendous imagination and apparently a tongue to match. His mother said that he would relate imaginary stories of the Native Americans, as realistically as if he lived among them. The Mormon believer relies totally on the revelations that Joseph Smith claimed to have. His story is that in the spring of 1820, he first had a vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ, while alone praying in the woods. Three years later, he was visited three times by an angel, Moroni, while in his bed at night. Although his brothers were in the same bedroom, they were not awakened. No witnesses. He was shown, where he could find an ancient record and the next day he found it. But no witnesses. Although he was an ignorant young man, as were the other cultists, he was given the ability to translate it from a form of Egyptian into English. That record, The Book of Mormon, to the Mormon is as valid as the Bible.   

Unsubstantiated claims and blind faith

To be a Mormon you must take and believe this testimony of one man without any proof or confirmation that what he is saying is the truth. It´s blind faith, something that even God does not demand… God gives confirmation and proof… but this is blind faith in a man and in his story. The Mormon thinks something like this: “Okay, Joe, I believe your story and I’m banking on it and everything you teach with my whole life and trusting it for my eternal destiny.” It is amazing to me that anyone would do that, especially when the Bible teaches, “Thus says the Lord; Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart turns away from the Lord.” (Jer.17:5)

The life of Jesus Christ was the fulfillment and confirmation of hundreds of Old Testament texts. Many people witnessed the testimony of the Father upon Him, “This is my beloved Son…” Even on the Mount of Transfiguration, three disciples testified to the revelation of His glory and the words of the Father, and so it was, throughout His life. Paul writes of over 500, who saw Him after His resurrection. Paul’s vision of Christ was witnessed by those who accompanied him and his conversion was witnessed by Ananias. The Word of God can be put to the test and found to be unfailing.

Later, there were eleven “witnesses”, all of which had close ties to Smith and his family and one, who had a great financial interest in The Book of Mormon, who claim to have seen the golden plates in visionary form… not literal. By 1847, not one of these “witnesses” was any longer a part of the Mormon Church. Hmmmm…

It is astounding that very intelligent people today would believe something so radical, something they would never do in business or other areas of life. It indicates that they are under a curse already, before they turn to Joseph Smith. That is the only explanation for such blindness. Joseph Smith has no confirmation whatsoever that he saw a vision of the Father and Jesus Christ. Every Mormon has believed the word of one man. Mormonism must be the most illogical, as well as unbiblical, of the three sects that I have mentioned.

Polygamy, deception, no repentance

Polygamy was taught by Joseph Smith and practiced by early Mormons. Joseph Smith had at least 32 women, in addition to his original wife, Emma. Seven girls were under the age of 18 and at least 11 were simultaneously married to other men. Smith’s successor, Brigham Young, was sealed to 55 women.

In the last years, Mormons have attempted a huge snow job, trying to convince evangelicals that they are a legitimate church and believe evangelical doctrines. I believe that one of the reasons is to gain their vote, which is necessary in order to put Mormons into political office. They quote past and present evangelical leaders. They even speak of salvation by grace through faith, but if you have opportunity to question them, they will tell you that grace comes after you have done everything possible to save yourself. As in all the cults, as well as in Catholicism, the Mormons cannot conceive of salvation without works. All have that in common. 

Because such efforts are made, the biblical doctrine of repentance becomes extremely important. It doesn’t matter if a Mormon quotes famous evangelicals and puts forth doctrines, which seem to be genuine. The question is, has he repented of the evil, blasphemous teachings that Mormons have held to from their beginnings? If he is ready to denounce the damnable errors that have been historically taught by the Mormons and publicly confess that Joseph Smith was wrong, that clears the air, you see, and lets you know that he is sincere in what he is saying. Otherwise, we are being duped by the same spirit of deceit that has come forth from the lips of Mormon teachers throughout their history.

When a Mormon repents and denounces Joseph Smith, his teachings and practices; when he publicly declares that the Book of Mormon is garbage, containing claims of lost civilizations, which have been disproven archaeologically, that is when I begin to listen to what he has to say about salvation through faith alone and take seriously his quotes from John Wesley, Martin Luther, etc.

Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City
Mitt Romney, a Mormon teacher, was invited to speak at Liberty University, during his candidacy for president of the United States. Mormons have invited Pentecostals to speak on their doctrine of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Other evangelicals have been invited to speak at their meetings. I think that to comply with those invitations are acts of irresponsibility, given the background of Mormonism, unless you are prepared to take advantage of the opportunity, in order to tear down the whole whitewashed wall that Joseph Smith built (Ez.13:10-14).

The basic reason that cults are cults is because they have been taught by another teacher and not by the Holy Spirit. Anyone, not born again by the Spirit of God, can hope to do no better in Bible study. Their creeds come straight from the human mind, greatly prompted by spirits of darkness.

True Christians, on the other hand, regardless of denominational differences, have this in common: They are born again, taught by the Spirit of God, and therefore He will teach them the essential doctrines… especially as to who God is… and they can have fellowship in spite of their differences over non-essential doctrines.

The interpretations that Joseph Smith and his followers pretend to make about the Bible are on a physical level, even a sexual level, and include physical reproduction. That’s right, even their god has begotten through wives and continues to beget. Flying in the face of Jesus’ clear teaching to the Sadducees (Lk.20:27-36), Mormons believe that they will have wives in heaven.

From a Ray Comfort film

Joseph Smith said (in one of his last writings before he was killed in jail): “We have imagined and supposed that God has been God from all eternity. I will refute that idea and take away the veil, so that you may see.” Says James White, director of Alpha and Omega Ministries (see “When he refused the idea that God had been eternally God, he forever separated his followers from biblical Christianity. Until Mormonism can repudiate that belief, there is no way that Mormonism can even begin to consider biblical Christianity.”

“And so, when we talk about the biblical Jesus, we have to step back and say, ‘First we start with an eternal God, who in Psalms 90:2 (is described), Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.’ When we talk about Jesus being God, and we point to the passages on the deity of Jesus Christ… which a Mormon will accept; they believe that Jesus is a god. He is the god of the Old Testament... just a different god than Elohim. They have two different gods at that point.”

“We emphasize that we are talking about an eternal God, Who created all things. Who is not Himself created; He is not Himself one of the spirits of men. Interestingly enough, the Mormons believe that Jesus is Jehovah and yet when you go into the Old Testament, Jehovah creates the spirits of men (Zech.12:1). And yet, in Mormonism, He is one of the spirits of men.”

“In Colossians, chapter 1, Paul describes Jesus and says that He is the Creator of all things. (he quotes vs. 16, 17, well worth looking into at this point). And yet in Mormonism, Jesus obviously did not create the planet that his father lived on, when he was a man, or the god before him, or the god before him. So they have to limit these descriptions of Jesus to just having relevance to this planet! Elohim was once a man, who lived on another planet and he went through a process of following the gospel there. He was deemed worthy and when he died, he was resurrected with his wives and organized this world. (Notice I did not say created, because the Mormon god cannot create anything out of nothing. He can only organize preexisting matter.)”

“But he organized this earth, and with his wives, he begets spiritual children. The first-begotten of his spiritual children was Jehovah, or Jesus. We all are the spirit-brothers of Jesus. Each one of us, you and I, we also were begotten by Elohim and one of his heavenly wives, in a spiritual pre-existence. Another one of the offspring of Elohim was Lucifer.”

Now, you begin to see how absolutely ridiculous Mormonism is. I’ve gotten you started in exposing their beliefs. Please go on, listening to these videos that Ray Comfort is offering, beginning with the following, so you can see the extreme nature of Mormon teaching! The next time the two white-shirted, tie-wearing young men come to your door, you will be able to see beyond the smooth and friendly words, with which they greet you.


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