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Difficulties Resolved!!


 We have finished our commentary on  Isaiah

We have had some difficulties with this blogspot and the truth is, I don't know what was the cause of the problem. The good news is that now the problem is solved and I invite you again to visit, read and study the articles. We have now finished our study of the wonderful book of Isaiah. I hope you have profitted, as much as I have, and have rejoiced in Isaiah's finishing touches in chapter 66, concerning the New Heavens and the New Earth!  

 Four very important articles

Raquel interviewed for TV program
There was also difficulty entering and reading from "Call to Commitment Quarterly" above and to the right. This problem also has been solved and I want to recommend the first articles presented there. Click on the link and many articles will appear, and far down on the bottom of the list is an article, which, if I remember right, dates from 1994. Now the fourth article from the top is called, Forming a Home for the Glory of God. Click on the button. Three of our children present comments and testimonies from their childhood, introducing each part. The article has three subtitles: God's Reality in the Home, The Love of God in the Home, and Priorities in the Home. It also contains a beautiful and inspired poem, written by one of our daughters-in-law, which is called "Good and Faithful Parent". Don't miss this article! It is very important for your home.

The third article is called, Food for Sheep, and comes in three encouraging parts for the Christian. The subtitles are: How deep the Love of God, Intense Desire and The Individual Call. Too many times our sermons are filled with advice over our responsibilities before God, but in these writings, I try to give a look from the heavenly point-of-view towards the Christian on earth... how God sees us! I am sure that this article will be a blessing for your spiritual life and your Christian walk.

An ice-cold church
 The second article is, The Organic Church, and teaches what the church is and what it is not. It defines the church as alive and not something organizational, a system or a denomination. The  church consists in people, called and loved by God. The subtitles for these chapters are: Laodicea Typifies the Present-day Church, Oh Supreme Moving Cause, and The Church-A Living Body. Many good people waste their lives, because they do not know, precisely, the purpose of God. This article will help you to understand the will of God in the world from the beginning of time. 

I have already recommended the first article, but due to the difficulties already mentioned, it is probable that some have not been able to open it for study. It has to do with the three largest sects in today's world, with the most numerous membership. I concentrate especially on the history of these sects... how they formed and who formed them. The article is called, Three Highways to Hell, and the three subtitles are: The god of Mormonism, Roots of Seventh-Day Adventism, and The Jehovah's Witnesses Hatred for Truth. I am greatly concerned that you read this article for your own spiritual well-being.


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