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Update 2017: Articles Most Read

I am so happy to welcome many, many new readers to our English blogspot! Every year in March, I update the statistics, concerning the numbers of visitors to our blogs, both Spanish and English, and also update the 10 most-read articles since we opened in 2011. Because of the increased number of new readers, the older articles have been totally replaced by newer ones, mostly our expositional studies on the book of Isaiah. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see people enter an expositional Bible study… it is so necessary these days!

However, I also want to encourage our new visitors to go back and read previous most-read articles. PLEASE read them! Some of them may shock you; some will bring joy and some fear. I give you my full assurance that they are of great importance and will be helpful for you, as you seek to follow Christ. You will find them listed just below these opening paragraphs, along with the links that will easily open them for you.

Now then, let me give you the 2017 updated statistics: As of yesterday, the total number of visits to this English blog has risen to 85,431, since this blog was put together by our grandson, John, in 2011. That number almost doubled during the last 12 months, in which we have had 41,525 visits. When we add the visits to our Spanish blogspot, the total number of visits increases to 225,598, and the number over the last 12 months to 103,225 (obviously, we have more Spanish than English readers).

Just below, you have the 10 most-read articles as of March, 2016. Forgive my insistence, but I ask again that you read these, if you haven’t done so already. I am convinced that you will find them most interesting and helpful. I follow each link with a little information, concerning its contents:

1.    Matt Luneau Writes about Brandon               4/29/13

People continue to read the stories about our friend, Coach Luneau. The coach suffered a stroke since those stories were written, but he is back on his feet, coaching again. In fact, his high school team was undefeated this past year, winning the Vermont State Championship! The top story on our list is that of a star player’s accident and how God moved through it to speak to hundreds of people (if not thousands). If you have never read this story of God’s mighty moving upon high school students, please read it. If you’ve read it, you may want to read it again.

      2.   A Voice from Heaven            by Dave Brueckner

      I am always anxious to get articles written by our sons, Dan and Dave. Dan wrote an article, “I Have Found the Book” about King Josiah. I translated it to Spanish and it is one of the most read articles on our Spanish blog. Right next to the top of the blog is this article by Dave. He tells us that heaven is a noisy place!

      3.   What Does It Mean to be Used of God?       5/26/14

This article brings us a surprising lesson! It tells the story of a young Spanish boy killed in Croatia and how God moved during the eight months that he was in a coma before he died.

      4.   Quotes from Len Ravenhill's Letters, no. 11              2/21/13

From 1983 to 1993 we received forty-five letters from Leonard Ravenhill. These are two of them that have been most read on the blogspot.

      5.   Karyn's Letter about Plane Accident              2/8/13

     When our daughter-in-law, Karyn, heard that Steve’s plane had gone down in the Alaskan bush country, she gathered the children in the living room. Together they prayed.
      6.  Wake Up! It’s Later Than You Think            3/19/12

     This article is an attempt to make God’s people aware of the great deception that is taking place even in the area of Bible translation. Please be informed.

7.   Strong Delusion                                              7/29/11

      And more deception! Here you will read of two books that sold millions of copies. They both were written by people who believe in universal salvation… the assertion that everyone will be saved in the end. No one will go to hell. Christians, by the millions, lent an ear to two false prophets.     

      8.   Coach Luneau                                                               2/13/13

      How Coach Luneau left a promising future at Syracuse University, one of the highest ranking athletic universities in the country. What drew him away? A high school basketball program in a small town in Vermont… and a calling from God.      

      9.   Old Christians                                                   1/8/13

      I am soul-weary in a secular world that has no fear of God and is anti-God in every respect. I am tired of a “church”, which can no longer be termed evangelical, in which the bulk of the members are not born-again, have no spiritual discernment, and tolerate the entrance of most of the world’s garbage.   

 10.  The Testimony of Herman Williams

And finally, the refreshing life story of an old Navajo friend, Herman Williams. A Navajo named Williams? The government agent, in charge of registering his father, couldn’t pronounce, much less spell, his real name, so he became Williams. Herman, a simple Christian, was one of the godliest men that I have ever met.

And now, an update of the 10 most-read articles to date. As I wrote above, new articles have totally replaced those from March, 2016. They are mostly expositional studies of chapters from the book of Isaiah.

      1.      A Mighty Move of God                                10/26/16                    

This is a study of Isaiah, chapter 37, with subtitles: Judah humbles itself before God; Jerusalem honors God above all; The house of prayer; The answer from God through Isaiah; and A mighty move of God.

      2.      Eight Tactics of the Enemy                           10/22/16

This is an important study about how the enemy works against the minds and lives of God’s people to this day. It is from Isaiah 36.

      3.      Divine Power and Attributes                        11/17/16

Here is one of the most powerful chapters in the book of Isaiah… chapter 40. It begins with these words from the Almighty, “Comfort, comfort my people!” You know this chapter particularly, because of its last verse: “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

      4.      The Syndrome of Hubris                               10/01/16

The subject of this article is one that I most frequently bring up in preaching these days. Understanding this Greek term Hubris, helps us to understand what is happening in the minds and hearts of many “Christian” leaders in our times.

      5.      Who Planned This?                                       7/11/16

I wrote after a trip to Teen Camp in Lepsa, Romania. It is a simple report with photos about the time spent there. A reader commented: I have read your article, it is very informative and helpful for me. I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. Thanks for posting it.

      6.     A Last-Day Song                                            7/03/16

Comments on  Isaiah 26. By the way, I really want to encourage others to join us in this expositionary study of the prophet Isaiah. All of God’s people should be involved with expositional… verse-by-verse… study of the Bible. In this way, you are not only studying God’s word, but you are studying it in the order, in which it was given by the Holy Spirit. You are not learning the ideas and opinions of men, but you are hearing the voice of God.

      7.      Hezekiah’s Illness and Error                         11/04/16

This study covers both chapter 38 and 39 of Isaiah. It includes an attempt to explain a very complicated issue concerning the sovereign will of God.

      8.      Falsehood and Farming                                  7/29/16

An expositional study of Isaiah 28. Trying to follow the inspired writer, in the article we cover two rather unrelated subjects: The falsehood of the religious leaders of Isaiah’s time and an interesting lesson that the Lord teaches us, based on agriculture.

      9.      That Great Harvest Day                                  7/24/16

We gather close around the prophet, when he speaks of the people of the Lord. We learn of the relationship with those that He has chosen to be a light to the entire world and it relates to something called that day. The Lord comes out of hiding and reveals Himself. That is what we consider in this chapter.

      10.  Blessing Follows the Curse                            10/13/16

My comments on chapter 34 and 35 of Isaiah, verse-by-verse, learning as the Holy Spirit teaches us from His textbook. It is wonderful to see, throughout the Bible, that the Lord’s stories have good endings!

I hope you will enjoy, as you read, these important lessons from the Bible and six great testimonies of the workings of God in our times. What use is there in study, if we can’t see it put into practical work? The apostle Paul gives a strong condemnation of those in the end times, who have a form of godliness, but deny the power. They deny the supernatural working of God in modern times… I find that teaching and practice totally unacceptable.  


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