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We are very happy to report that we have a significant increase in readers over the last few months. May I suggest to those new visitors, who have been reading our recent posts, that we have a wealth of old articles. Some of them are extremely important and valuable and, I think, will be useful to you. Let me suggest a few
(just click on the blue links):

In my opinion, this is one of the most important messages given to the church in the last 50 years. It was a ministry-changer for me. It was given by a man, who is not especially well-known in our days. Searching his heart to speak in a conference, suddenly his thoughts turned to an Old Testament story of a wayward priest. With just a few hastily written notes, he abandoned the message that he originally prepared and delivered one that touched the heartstrings of many sincere followers of Christ. One person told me: "After hearing this message, I just dropped to my knees in worship!" Please read this carefully.

This is quite a well-known, short work of Dr. Tozer. He saw that in his day, the preaching of the gospel was taking a shift in another direction. In our time, fifty years later or so, it has accelerated in that same direction to the degree that a Christian in our day would have difficulty recognizing that of Tozer's day. It is time to go back to the "old paths" of Jeremiah.

One of the doctrines, widely accepted in evangelical circles in our day, is that of self-love or high self-esteem. It is so well-known and popularly preached that some may find it strange that anyone should take issue with it. Here is a Christian counselor who does! He was one who spent fruitless hours trying to help people, who apparently had low self-esteem until he was awakened to a shocking discovery. 

Our daughter Raquel tells of an automobile accident that left her in a wheelchair. She shares some lessons that God can only show through trials and then goes on to tell of the birth of her fifth baby, the fourth born after the accident. 

I recently recommended this article on Facebook and because the new movie "The Shack" will soon be portrayed, I suggest you read this. It speaks of two very popular books: "The Shack" is one, and the other is "Love Wins" by Rob Bell. The truth of God's Word is under severe attack by deceiving spirits of darkness. 

I don't want to overload you... I'll try to prepare other old articles in the near future, which I think will be especially helpful for you all. 


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