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Who Planned This?


Nothing has to go as planned... Camp director, Ionut Lerca, at Teen Ranch in Lepsa, Romania, has been trying to put a camp together for families who meet annually. He started with plans to get families together in July, then saw that more people would be free in August. Again, it seemed that July would be best after all. 

camp cook with Ionut's mother-in-law

Now I am in Lepsa, but not to speak to campers. Volunteers from the last camp are staying on a few days and we are having a great time! The last camp was very large with students from a public school, so there are a good number of volunteers... around 15. Then the camp staff, of course, is here permanently. There are two families and another couple, plus there are a few individuals besides. We are meeting together around the Word of God.

volunteers fill four a-frames

Who tells God how to do things? We enjoy letting Him arrange circumstances and opportunities, exactly as He deems best. God speaks deeply to hearts; lives will never be the same. We are not disappointed, when things do not go as expected, in fact, we have learned to enjoy submitting everything to the Lord. 


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