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Dishonest Truth!


"You have had five husbands, and the one you now have
is not your husband. What you have said is true."
Did you know that there is a danger in spiritual hunger? I suppose several reasons could be given in favor of that warning, but that is not exactly my purpose in this space. Those who begin to sense their spiritual need are not necessarily ready to face the truth concerning that need. 

My friend, Gary Zabel, recently sent me a link, which I am now making available to you. It is John Piper, referring to the story about Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well. Gary felt that some of the things that Piper had to say accurately depicted someone who is a mutual acquaintance. He advised me to listen, beginning at minute 33, at least, . After listening, I agreed with his assessment. 

John Piper
Let me simply point out to you to pay attention to a couple points. First, Jesus recognized twice that the woman spoke a truth. However, she spoke that fact in an attempt to deceive the Lord and escape from his scathing statement that discovered her moral condition: "You have had five husbands," He said, "and the one you are living with is not your husband..." Piper pointed out that dishonest people will use a truth or a fact in order to better convince you of a lie. Her next tactic is to totally change the subject, in effect, asking Him, which religion is the right one! Anything to get out from under the light pointed directly at her soul. 

I think you will find this very interesting and I hope that you will, as I did, take a look inside to see if you ever have used these tactics. Or perhaps, you are put in danger by a leader who uses these tactics and need to be able to discern potentially dangerous characteristics. It's time to get honest.


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