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About Mukti Revival...



I want to inform you of the revamping of an article written in 2010 about a revival in Kedgaon, India. This account has so much to teach us about the ways of God that I felt compelled to call your attention to it again. Please read it carefully and let the Holy Spirit cause your heart to burn... burn for spiritual reality, for a moving of God that is rarely seen these days!

Kedgaon, 55 kilometers east of Pune is a village difficult to find on a map of India. It is another place like Nazareth, without importance, but chosen by God as the place where He would pour out of His Spirit and revive the church. Those who know the ways of the Lord, will understand that that is a characteristic of His work.

I will attach some photos from that trip to India, when I was privileged to discover the Mukti mission. Paul Șerban is a Romanian friend. Years ago, when I was invited to be speaker of a camp in Albești, Paul found the Lord and thereafter was called to India as a missionary. Since then, he has married  Daniela and I was privileged to speak at their wedding. How satisfying it is to see two Christian young people come together to serve the Lord! Paul has been my host three times now in India and he is the one that introduced me to the Pandita Ramabai mission in western India. Here then is the link to the article that tells the exciting story of true and classical revival:

It seemed that something unusual was happening, from the time I boarded the China Airlines jumbo jet in Rome. The agent assigned me this seat with an empty seat beside it. By the emergency door to my left was a big box, which I used for a desk. There was enough floor space in front of me to lie full-length (I didn't, however). No extra cost. I thought that I heard the Lord tell me to sit back and relax, because He was going to teach me some things on this trip. I really learned!

The diabetic meals were outstanding on China Airways. This was breakfast! Chicken, potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms...

It was my first time in India and already in New Delhi, I found myself in a different world... something like London!  :) 

My first job was to speak at a DTS graduation in Patna. I don't think I ever saw so many bright colors in one room before! 

Seriously, there I heard for the first time of the persecution in Orissa. The young man with the pink shirt gave his testimony of running on foot for hours to escape the Hindu extremists. 

Paul Șerban is standing with the students.

Then we flew down to Pune to see the amazing mission started by this little 4' 6" lady and the revival, which launched it. This postal stamp was created to honor her work. This is where the story begins, that you will find in the link above. You will enjoy it and I hope, it will challenge and stir your heart to experience something similar, wherever you live and work. Blessings...



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