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Food for Sheep, download

I have previously offered three articles individually, called, 1) How Deep the Love of God, 2) Intense Desire, and 3) The Individual Call. Now, I have combined the three in one PDF document called "Food for Sheep". I am providing the link below, so that you can easily download it.

How many times have I said, at the beginning of a message these days? "This is something that is strictly for sheep. If there are "goats" here, close your ears." People always laugh, but truthfully, in every congregation, of any size at all, you can be sure that there are goats among the sheep. Goats are not true Christians and they cannot enjoy the delights that God wants to share with his sons and daughters. 

It is extremely important that the sheep are taken to pasture. Christ gave Peter a commandment to feed His lambs and sheep, showing thereby His concern for them. At tmes, we are so preoccupied in evangelizing an unbeliever or two, who might come to a meeting, or we feel the need to give advice or scold the Christians, and we forget that the sheep need to eat.

I think that these three studies, given in PDF format, will provide green pasture for true disciples of Christ. 
I hope and pray from my heart that each reader will receive something from heaven that will  truly provide nourishment to your soul.

David Zosel said...
September 2, 2015 at 5:07 PM  

Great articles Lowell, thanks!

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