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Trust the Lord for Everything


It’s the Lord’s Day believer; spend some time meditating on the things of God...

“Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith.”           Hebrews 13:7

The writer of Hebrews refers to the ones who evangelized the Hebrew Christians. They spoke the word of God to them, the gospel which brought them salvation by grace through faith. Now he speaks of the conduct of these Christian leaders, beyond their evangelism. It depicted a life of faith; a life of trusting the Lord. Not only is faith the means that brings us salvation, but it defines the whole of the Christian life. On old hymn says, “Those who trust Him fully, find Him fully true.” Therefore true Christianity is called The Faith, and its leaders must be an example to the believers of a life of faith. He who does not lead in faith, is not qualified as a leader.

C. H. Spurgeon
We will go to that great Christian leader, who has taught the church, not only in his lifetime, but continues to do so through his written works. Not only did he lead his church in London, but he continues to lead believers of all evangelical denominations around the world, who are edified by his anointed teaching.

Charles Spurgeon was a God-made preacher. Is there another kind? Without formal Bible training, he disciplined himself and enrolled in the school of the Spirit. He began to preach as a teenager and caught the attention of a Christian leader in London, who invited him to preach there. He became a London pastor at the age of 19, clothed with godly wisdom far beyond his years. He was short and stout and not very handsome. His attraction was the Word of God. The time came, when there was not a building in London big enough to hold the crowds that came to drink in the Word, as it was poured out through the lips of Charles Spurgeon. His secretary claimed to see angels over the hills of the resort town in France, when Spurgeon died there, trusting the Lord.  

Around the Wicket Gate
a Spurgeon meditation

Friends, if you have begun to trust the Lord, trust Him out and out. Let your faith be the most real and practical thing in your whole life. Don’t trust the Lord in mere sentiment about a few great spiritual things; trust Him for everything, forever, both for time and eternity, for body and for soul. See how the Lord hangs the world upon nothing but His own Word! It has neither prop nor pillar. The great arch of heaven stands without a buttress or a wooden center. The Lord can and will bear all the strain that faith can ever put upon Him. The greatest troubles are easy to His power, and the darkest mysteries are clear to His wisdom. Trust God up to the hilt. Lean, and lean hard; yet lean all your weight and every other weight upon the Mighty God of Jacob.

The future you can safely leave with the Lord, who ever lives and never changes. The past is now in your Savior’s hand, and you shall never be condemned for it, whatever it may have been, for the Lord has cast your iniquities into the midst of the sea. Believe at this moment in your present privileges. You are saved! If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus, you have passed from death unto life, and you are saved.

In the old slave days a lady brought her black servant on board an English ship, and she laughingly said to the captain, “I suppose if I and Aunt Chloe were to go to England she would be free?” “Madam, said the captain, “she is now free. The moment she came on board a British vessel she was free.” When the negro woman knew this, she did not leave the ship – not she. It was not the hope of liberty that made her bold, but the fact of liberty. So you are not now merely hoping for eternal life, but “He that believeth in him hath everlasting life.” Accept this as a fact revealed in the sacred Word, and begin to rejoice accordingly.

Do not reason about it, or call it in question; believe it and leap for joy.


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