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Update 2015: Ten Most Read Articles on CTC

Update 2015
I want to update you concerning visits to this Call to Commitment blog. As of yesterday, we have had 32,145 visits since our grandson, John, got us started in 2011. I am thankful to God, because I know and I am completely convinced that without Christ, we can do nothing. He is the One who enlightens us concerning His word and He is the One who draws people to read and receive edification. There are visits from all parts of the world, including places that I have never visited and from where I know no one.

Last year, on March 17, I made a list of the 10 articles most read since the beginning of the blogspot. For anyone who would like to see them, they are listed below:

     1.      Karyn's Letter about Plane Accident              2/8/13

     2.      Quotes from Len Ravenhill's Letters              2/21/13

     3.      Strong Delusion                                              7/29/11

     4.      Old Christians                                                   1/8/13

     5.      Matt Luneau Writes about Brandon               4/29/13

     6.      Katia's Miracle                                                4/22/13

     7.      John Brueckner writes about raising support  6/1/13

     8.      A Pictorial                                                       1/2/13

     9.      The Testimony of Herman Williams               2/29/12

     10.  Growing or Only Puffed Up?                         1/2/14

Today, I updated the list and you will see below that there are some changes. Some of them are personal testimonies, from family and friends, who I know very well. People continue to read them. The two on top of the list are 1) Coach Matt Luneau’s story about his star player, Brandon, and 2) Our daughter in law, Karyn’s, account of our son, Steve’s, plane accident. By the way, Matt had a serious stroke this summer, but God has restored him and he was able to coach this year’s team into post-season success. The superintendent of the school district that Steve works for in Alaska had Steve go down to the lower 48 to buy another plane and also to obtain his instrument and commercial pilot tickets.

Raquel’s article about her little daughter, Katia’s, miracle continues on the list. The quotes from Len Ravenhill’s personal letters to us continue to be read. One of them was on the list last year and now there are two. Also continuing from last year’s list are Strong Delusion and Old Christians.   

Besides the letter from Ravenhill that is added this year, there is an article that I posted about Coach Luneau, before the incident with Brandon. It contains a newspaper article about Matt coming from Syracuse University to a small high school in Vermont. There is another testimony on this list… it is that of Hector, a young man who used to attend the camps in Barcelona, who fell from a ladder and was in a coma for eight months. It is called What Does It Mean to be Used of God? You want to be sure to read that. Two of my messages about the days that we are living in are also on the list: Wake Up! It’s Later Than You Think and Strong Delusion.  

Here, then, is the new, updated list. For those who haven’t read some or all of the stories, or if you would like to review them, I have made it easy by giving the site, where they are found. I also encourage you to listen to the audio messages, see the videos, and read the articles in our archive of “Call to Commitment” papers.

     1.      Matt Luneau Writes about Brandon               4/29/13

     2.      Karyn's Letter about Plane Accident              2/8/13

     3.      Quotes from Len Ravenhill's Letters              2/21/13

     4.      What Does It Mean to be Used of God?       5/26/14

     5.      Wake Up! It’s Later Than You Think            3/19/12

     6.      Strong Delusion                                              7/29/11

     7.      Old Christians                                                   1/8/13

     8.      Coach Luneau                                                               2/13/13

     9.      Katia's Miracle                                                4/22/13

     10.  Quotes from Len Ravenhill’s Letters             3/15/13


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