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God is Moving: Don’t Get Left Behind!


Something unusual is happening

When I make my two weekly radio programs, I always have unbelievers in mind, who might be listening, and I direct some words to them. However, I have been preoccupied, because I have done little personal, direct evangelism lately. One day, I went to the Lord in prayer, asking that He would give me more opportunity to share the gospel. The next day, I heard the door bell ring and, opening the door, six people and two TV cameras were before me. Without going into the whole story, I’ll just say that for two hours I was able to share Christ freely with them in our house. I didn’t have to look for a way to introduce the subject, because they began to ask me about Bible texts on the walls and also about the peace that they felt here. It was an opportunity without precedent for me.

Steve & Karyn
As I told this experience to our youngest son, Mike, who is co-pastor of a church in Minnesota, he said that the same thing is happening to him. People come to him with questions and, if it is necessary to break away, they ask him about when they can continue the conversation. Mike also said that he has never seen anything like this.

Afterwards, Steve, our son who is a pilot for a fly-in school district in a remote area of Alaska (no roads or highways),  wrote us: “Been having some real good talks with people at work. I think a lot of people are getting sick of the way they are living and are looking for reality.” This thing seems to be happening everywhere and I think that it might have to do with a harvest before Christ returns.


Steve added a comment, because I mentioned to him that I had written something about my brother-in-law: “Will have to look at the posts you have on Marvin. He never really said much to me but there was something special about him that I always liked.” He’s not the only one, who has told me that. There was something about Marv…

In the last chapter of Job, God relates his pleasure that He takes in all that He has created. In Job 38:26, 27, He says that He is concerned to “bring rain on a land where no man is, on the desert in which there is no man, to satisfy the waste and desolate land”. There are territories that only God looks upon, where no human eye observes what is happening…

It's strange that I never saw it before... but when my brother-in-law, Marvin, died just a few months ago, I saw so clearly a great purpose for his life. He had this beautiful, mellow voice and people sometimes insisted forcefully, that he should sing publicly, but he never would do it. They didn't know that he would freeze standing in front of people. In Bible school he literally fainted when he stood to give a book report. Some would say, "Man, you need deliverance! You can't let yourself be limited like that!" They didn't get it and, maybe it was a little late, but I finally did get it. Marv would get out his guitar and sing when he was alone. His voice was given him, just so he could sing to God... for His glory! Like the woman with the perfume... It wasn't for the poor; it wasn't so that the whole world would smell better; it was 100% for Jesus. Marv was given his beautiful voice so the Lord could enjoy it. By no means was it wasted. Nothing is ever wasted, when it is poured out to Christ. “Sing praises unto the Lord with the harp; with the harp and the voice of melody.” (Psalms 98:5)

Marvin & Phyllis
I think I’ve learned most from the common folk, although you could never call Marv a common automatic transmission mechanic. He was an expert and other mechanics, where he worked, looked up to him, respected him and came to him, when they ran into something too complicated for them. All the clients wanted Marv to personally attend to their repairs. Jesus, you remember, was a village carpenter until He reached 30 years of age, and those around Him must have learned plenty from the way He conducted Himself on the job.

Judgment in the house of God

Not only is there hunger in the world of unbelievers, but also God is dealing mightily with believers in these times. Just consider what is happening among some of my relatives: The wife of one of my nephews is getting a divorce, leaving him dejected and desperate. Last year a nephew had a serious stroke and not many days ago, my niece, less that 60-years-old, died. Another nephew just left the hospital after an operation for colon cancer.

Some of you will remember the airplane accident that Steve had a couple years ago. God really showed His glory, miraculously answering prayer for one of the passengers, who was in critical condition. However, the accident left Steve with insomnia. He has told me that he doesn't miss an hour through the nights, sleeping fitfully and awaking constantly. Last week he went to Anchorage to see a doctor, who is now looking for a remedy.

Steve wrote the following just a couple days ago: “We Christians are funny people, I think I understand why people are so slow to turn to Christianity. We say that Jesus is our best friend but spend less time with Him than our other friends. We say that we love our neighbors but find it so difficult to share our greatest treasure with them. We say that our life here is temporal but spend more time worrying and engaging in things on this earth than we do for the things that are going to last an eternity.”

“I do not say this in a judgmental way. I just, sad to say, see it so true in my own life and when I look around I sadly see it in so many circles. Since my plane accident two years ago God has really been convicting me about these things.May God help us, we need Him so bad!!” 

I think that we are moving quickly toward the end and, even though God’s discipline hurts, He is preparing us for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

A message by Francis Chan

Steve sent a link to a recent message by Francis Chan and said, “Our family and a few of our friends watched this video last Sunday and were really blessed and at the same time challenged by it. If you have the time to watch it I think you will find it time well spent. May God open our eyes to what is really important in these days and I know I need it more than most!!” I listened to it and said in my heart, “I hope that I can grasp this, because I sure want to!” It is about the privilege of taking time with God in prayer:

Mike & Rachel

This was Mike’s response: “Steve, Thanks so much for sending that message.  I had a guy telling me about it on Friday night and then you sent it to me on Sunday. I took that as some confirmation that it was something I needed to hear. I listened to it by myself before work on Monday morning and then had the whole family listen to it on Monday night. Good word that must be applied. Thanks! Mike”

Steve answered: “Glad you enjoyed it. I am thinking we need to come to a New Testament Christianity or why even bother at all. I have been thinking a lot about in Revelations 3 where He would rather we were cold or hot. It is crazy we can get so comfortable in the lukewarm stage but in all reality we would be better off in His eyes if we were cold and we know that is no good, but He said it is better. Really quite the thing to ponder for a while. Very sobering!!   Take Care, Steve”


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