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A Small Tribute to Marvin Doxtator


This weary world with all its toils and struggles
May take its toll of misery and strife
The soul of man is like a waiting eagle
When it’s released it’s destined for the skies.

The Marvin Doxtator family 
I want to say a few words about a man that I'm proud to say was my brother-in-law, Marvin Doxtator. On Thursday, October 2 at 5:15 P.M., with his family gathered around him singing, Marv, at 89 years of age, left this weary world behind. At the instance his soul was released, it honed in on its destination.

Marv’s father, mother, and grandfather found the Savior, when he was a boy. He had the privilege of observing the difference, when parents are rescued from sin and their house becomes a home. So Marv, seeing that reality, turned to Christ, when he was young. Others of his relatives and family came in later and set their sails on the easterly course that harbors
 in the New Jerusalem. 

I had the highest respect for Marv. He was a man of few words, but very talented. He could sing with an enchanting mellow voice and his hands worked at most anything and slowly and patiently persevered, not stopping until perfection was achieved. For that reason, clients, where he worked, wanted Marv, personally, to handle their repairs.

Marv, standing by his Grandpa and
between his dad and mom, all newly
Marv was the epitome of consistency and that included his walk with the Lord. You didn’t have to listen to him, you just watched. I did over the years and saw his sensitivity to spiritual things. He loved God and was awake to the times in which he lived, interested to see the developments that point to the Lord’s return.

Over the last number of years, Marv’s hearing was poor so communication was difficult. He was diagnosed with cancer, but refused treatment, nevertheless outliving many who turned to chemotherapy. So with his body hampered by age, his spirit waited for its release. When that time came on October 2, there was only one place to go. It headed for its home, to the heaven from which it had received new birth.

Marv is there now in luxurious joy! Toils, struggles, misery, and strife are past and Marv is experiencing all that was bought for him on the cross by the Lover of his soul. It’s all because of Jesus and now Marv is reaping the benefits of having lived trusting Him since boyhood. 


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