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Pictorial of Our Trip to the USA


(click on photos for larger view)
 This beautiful swing was hand made by the congregation at Swanton Christian Church and given to Dan and Shelley during Pastor’s Appreciation month. I quickly adopted it for my breakfast and devotions in the mornings. This was taken on our first morning in Vermont. We had flown on July 22, Vigo-Madrid-Lisbon-Newark-Montreal. Dan met us and drove us across the border and home. Dan asked me to share in the adults’ class for Sunday School and in the morning meeting.

Traveling with Dan’s family to the Midwest via Canada, Upper Michigan Peninsula, across Wisconsin and into Elk River, Minnesota to visit Mike, Rachel and kids. Mike co-pastors in St. Michael at Connect Church. (St. Michael is not named after Mike). A great bunch met for a mid-week service and on Sunday morning the church was backed through the foyer to the back door. Our visit really wore Mike out… 
Not far below this article, I reported already on this blog about the two yard meetings in Finley and Aneta, ND, while we visited with Tom and Raquel and their children. Raquel reports that the unusual hunger for the Word of God continues there… something that is really astounding to me. From Finley, we drove over to Cass Lake, MN, and visited one of my boyhood homes from 1955-57, when my dad directed Mokahum, a Native American Bible school. Our son-in-law now teaches there and our daughter and her family live within 50 yards of our old home. I did 
some serious exploring, trying to recover sights that I knew as a boy. Here, I learned the reality of the spirit world, as my dad joined with others, fighting against spiritual powers that had taken possession of human bodies, here is where my 18-year-old sister passed into eternity, accompanied by the singing of angels, and here we experienced a real move of God. Our house, as it was then and as it is now. 
We flew down to Little Rock, Arkansas, to visit Leah, Phil, Lisa and Jason, who struggle for the souls of Hispanic people there. We had two excellent services in their very adequate meeting hall and then met withthe team and some who are there for treatment. That was an especially good time and it was hard to leave.

Then, we drove over to upstate New York to spend a few days with Deborah, Lance and kids. Another great time! There are too many deer, however in that area and are frequently seen across the street from their house. As the photo indicates, sometimes they get a little too close to vehicles!

We finished our visit to the US back in Vermont and had some excellent days with the twins, Dan and Dave. We had the pleasure of watching our star soccer-playing grandson, Ethan, put in some goals. I enjoyed a very good meeting on the property of Coach and Ilze Luneau (Please, if you haven’t read them, read the testimonies written on this blog about the coach and a young convert, whom God is even using after his death in a  car accident.). Dan again asked me to share in the church with those wonderful Vermont people. I have never seen a relatively small church that has some many personal evangelists. So, I hope you enjoy this report and let me assure you that what we see God doing is far beyond what I have tried to put into words and photos here!


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