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New Role Models


For those, who haven't seen the following on Facebook, I present it here. It's about role models with false doctrines, who stand for family values and morality, but who cannot lead people to a living Christ who is the only one, who can produce those values in lives.

Some new role models for conservative "Christianity" are a Mormon candidate for president, a Seventh Day Adventist doctor, who spoke up to Obama at a prayer breakfast, and an author and pastor, and an extremely popular family on TV, who believe in baptismal regeneration (Church of Christ). Deception and total apostasy are coming in hard and fast. I can only hope that the people who are dearest to me will take notice. I don't hold a lot of hope that anything outside of genuine revival will change the general trend. Have you seen the movie "Time Changer" which warns of those who preach morality, but cannot present a divine and living Christ, without whom morality and family values can never produce better morality and family values? They simply lead to a lifeless, religious substitute that, in the end, leaves people more ungodly than ever.


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