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A Report from Misiones, Argentina


Carlos and Ursula Pedd
Many thanks for your prayers! As I announced in an earlier article, “A Trip to Croatia”, I left on April 28 for Argentina, having just returned from Croatia on the 23rd. I was invited to share in the annual convention in Posadas, Misiones, by Miguel and Gloria. I found a British Airways flight on April 8 that was cheaper than all that had appeared before. The only disadvantage was that it added four hours of flight time, since I would have to fly to London from Madrid and drop from there to Buenos Aires, a 13 ½ hour stretch. However, the flight, beginning at 22:25 (English time) and ending at 8:10 (Argentine time) was pleasant and I managed to sleep from five to six hours. Also the diabetic meals were delicious.

Lilian, Alcidez, with their sons and Angel
Carlos Pedd, along with Gary Zabel, who was also invited to the convention, came to get me at the airport. The only problem was that they were detained by traffic and I waited for about an hour without knowing what had happened, since I didn’t have a cell phone with me. Neither did I have Carlos’ telephone number. At any rate, I suspected the cause of the delay and I got to know some taxi drivers quite well, who insisted every few minutes that they would take me to my destination.

Gary Zabel shares the Word

Arriving at the Pedd home, Carlos prepared a beef barbeque, from which he has gained fame (and remember this is Argentine beef), and I was able to enjoy it, before I caught a bus to Posadas that afternoon. I was accompanied by Angel, who lives and directs a drug center in Fortaleza in the north of Brazil. Angel works with Reto and, as all the boys, he is only known by the city, from which he originated… and even though I know him quite well, I don’t remember what city it is. He was also invited to speak at the convention. When we came to the principle bus station in Buenos Aires, we were informed that they would have to look for another to take us to Posadas. We had to wait two hours, but I believe that God had mercy on us, because in the first bus, I had to cover my head with my jacket, because evidently the air conditioner was stuck on high. Besides the second one was more comfortable and we could rest well, as we rode all night long, arriving on the morning of April 30.

Gloria and Norman in the "churro"-making room
The work in Posadas, among other things, is a center for children that have been abandoned or abused. They deep-fry "churros" (a thin, ridged donut) and bake breads to assist with the sustenance of those, who are helped in the center. There I renewed acquaintance with the many people, now beloved, that I knew from previous conventions. Miguel opened the convention with a message on the evening of May 1 in the Reto center, but had rented a large conference room in the vicinity for the following two days. Much to my liking, the musical group started with a series of old hymns. Among the group were three of the Pedd offspring with their spouses - Norman/Barby, David/Norma, and Gloria/Miguel. I was also very happy to see Lilian and Alcidez, who came down from Brazil. All the Pedd family are dear friends of ours.

Little girls that the center cares for
I will mention one song that the musicians sang over and over in Spanish, “You Are My All in All” and I think that all felt a special touch from God as we sang “The Old Rugged Cross” with them, at the end of one meeting. The second verse has powerful significance… “O that old rugged cross, so despised by the world, has a wondrous attraction for me; for the dear Lamb of God, left His glory above, to bear it to dark Calvary.” Gary’s teaching, as well as Angel’s, enriched the listeners. Personally, I delivered four messages and Carlos finished the convention with a study about the Holy Spirit, before a time of prayer for people, who had special needs.

Ephesians 6:18... theme of the convention
The following afternoon, May 4th, I had the sad obligation to say goodbye to all these dear friends and board again the bus to Buenos Aires. The pain of the departure was lessened by the presence of Oscar in Buenos Aires the next morning, a veteran in the work of God, who along with his grandson, took me from the bus station to the airport. I had to spend yet another night traveling in an airplane, flying to London, and then several hours later, Margaret was in Vigo to meet me and take me home.

That was yesterday and this Saturday, I must go to Northern Ireland to spend almost a week, sharing in different churches and homes. Although I have often preached in the Republic of Ireland and we have passed through the northern country, this is the first time that I will preach there. As you can imagine, I would appreciate all those who will pray for me, because once again, I will need physical strength, but more than anything else, I desire the anointing of the Spirit in order to experience results that are more than worth all the effort. 
The musical group, including Barby, in violet, Norma, in light red, Gloria and Miguel, at her side, and Norman and David, on the right.
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