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The Ten Most Read Articles


 What we have in this document are the articles most visited in this Call to Commitment blogspot. Half of them are personal testimonies, stories of how a very real and living God moved in the life of different ones. Some are family and all are people that I know very well.  For those who haven’t read some or all of the stories, or if you would like to review them, I have made it easy by giving the site, where they are found. 

The story most read was from Alaska, written by Karyn about Steve’s airplane accident. Following it is one of over twenty documents, in which were included 45 of Len Ravenhill’s personal letters to us. This one contains a couple of them. There are stories about Coach Luneau's best basketball player, Brandon; our daughter, Raquel, writing about Katia swallowing a battery, as well as the life story of a good friend… a Native American, named Herman Williams. There is an article from our grandson, John, and there is a chapter taken from one of my books.

I hope you enjoy going over these documents…

1.      Karyn's Letter about Plane Accident              2/8/13

2.      Quotes from Len Ravenhill's Letters              2/21/13

3.      Strong Delusion                                              7/29/11

4.      Old Christians                                                   1/8/13

5.      Matt Luneau Writes about Brandon               4/29/13

6.      Katia's Miracle                                                4/22/13

8.      A Pictorial                                                       1/2/13

9.      The Testimony of Herman Williams               2/29/12

10.  Growing or Only Puffed Up?                         1/2/14


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