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Judge Dave Woodmancy


Dave Woodmancy
This happened a few months ago...
Steve’s friend, Dave Woodmancy, an older man and an ex-judge, lived in Aniak, Alaska, but because his cancer had reappeared, he left for Anchorage to have it checked. He was an atheist, but Steve, Thad and Thane, all Christians, were his best friends and he had a lot of respect for them. They did the tests and saw that it was no use to operate, because the cancer was too advanced.

He had little time left to live. He went to Colorado to be with his brother, but kept in contact with Steve by telephone. When he told Steve about his condition, they both went to pieces emotionally. 

He really liked kids. Thad’s 14-year-old son gave him a Bible. Steve told him that Troy also had been praying constantly for him. Then we got this e-message from Steve: “Dave gave his life to Jesus yesterday. He got Thad and me on a conference call and Thane and Chastity were with him at the time. He thanked us for the part we played in his life to make this decision. It was quite an experience!”

“He said he will be there waiting to greet Troy and Dawson (Thad´s son) when they come up to heaven. Thad and I are heading to Colorado at 12:20 a.m. Thane is extending his stay two more days. He was supposed to leave tomorrow.”

Later, we got this message: “You are probably in bed, but you can see this tomorrow. Thane said he (Dave) is witnessing to all the doctors and nurses and telling them he wishes they had the peace he has.”

The next email was from Karyn: “Dave just passed away, while Steve was holding his hand.” Dave Woodmancy, an atheist all his life, but now a believer in Christ, passed into paradise.

Steve reported after returning to Alaska: “It was a difficult trip, but we made it. You maybe heard that Dave passed away on Friday. Thad said, ‘Well if our 10 years in Aniak was just for Dave's soul it was worth it’. Dave told the doctor, when the doctor asked how he was feeling, ‘I really have a problem.  I have a peace I have never had before, but yet I have these friends that I love so much and hate to leave them.’”
Steve, Dave and friend gathering wood for Alaska winter

Steve had a chance to show Dave his photos: “Thad had a bunch, too, so we made it into (I think) about a 350-photo slide show and had Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone playing in the background. He could only keep his attention span so long, but his family was just thrilled with it, so maybe it was for them. They just really loved our being there. They said that Dave would keep looking at the clock and asking them, ‘When are Thad and Steve coming’. Thane said, ‘He is just waiting for you guys and then he will be gone.’”


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