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An Allegory... part seven


Chapter 13


……. We came to a place that was particularly refreshing. During this time we entered the River often, not only by day, but also by night, to bathe. It seemed that the waters penetrated the depths of our beings and extracted gratitude and praise. There were other things to do in that area, but none of us wanted to leave the River. Nothing else seemed worthwhile or nearly as enjoyable, compared to it.

We camped now on a plane and growing there was a tree distinct from any other kind in the world. No one knows how old it is, but the King's travelers who pass by call it Revelation.  Its bark is pure white and curiously there is writing that covers the trunk from top to bottom. From time to time, we would sit around the tree and read the words. A breeze from off the river would blow through the leaves, producing a whispering sound. If we listened carefully, we could hear understandable words that gave more clarity to what was written on the bark. We had the impression that there was no limit to the heights we could reach, if we were obedient to its words. It told us that the way that we were taking went through waters, where we would be led supernaturally. Just as it was with the waters of the River, so these words went deep into our souls.

We had to go on, confirming the word that we had received by our walk. We walked mostly in an easterly direction and we had not gone far, when we heard murmurs of voices close by. We arrived at a steep precipice that fell to a wide canyon and there was no way that we could see to go on.

While we considered the next step, the people we heard speaking, now approached. They insisted that we could not continue in the direction that we were going. They called the canyon Impossibility and informed us that there was no bridge. In the mountains on the other side were many dangers. They told us that there were stretches so narrow that we would have to pass one by one, without possibility to help one another.

Very few, they told us, ever hiked through this area and they pointed to a pathway towards the south and a small sign indicating its name Cowardice that led to a city called Conformity. It was a well-worn trail, they assured us, and if we ever felt insecure, they would stay close by until we arrived. Along the way, there were always people that would receive us into their homes and there was much provision. From Conformity, if we wanted to continue our journey, there was a super highway that led to the well-populated twin cities, Natural Ability and Human Strength, and finally to the capital of the region, Carnality and there was a lot of traffic between these places. That way, we would safely arrive at our destination. Conformity had great accommodations and many travelers decided to stay permanently.

Not a few of our number were convinced to deviate, but some of us remembered what we had heard, when the wind moved the leaves: That His way was in much water and His footsteps were not known and that there were no limits along that way.

 We saw that men had placed many signs along the Cowardice Trail. We noticed that our would-be guides carried flashlights and though the path was wide, from its entrance we could see that it was shaded and dark. We knew from the time we began to walk on the Faith Way, a light was always provided when we needed it, when the pathway was hard to distinguish. Even though we came to many places that were dangerous and difficult, we always found a way to go on. So we said goodbye to our friends who decided to walk towards Conformity to see if we could find a way to cross the deep gulf, which detained us for the moment…

Chapter 14


….When we turned towards the precipice, we heard an engine. Soon we saw a helicopter making its way across it from the other side.  It landed not far from us and passengers, traveling in the opposite direction from ours, alighted. We thought this might be the answer to our dilemma, but then saw the logo on the helicopter's fuselage from the commuting company that transported travelers from one side to the other: “The right way to cross the canyon.” One of our number quoted from the King's Manual: "There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death." Looking over the edge on the bed of the canyon below, we spotted several wreckages of helicopters that probably were not able to overcome strong downdrafts, sweeping over the precipice.

Since the Faith Way led us to the canyon, we knew that faith would catch the King's attention and He would make a way. We waited several days, for they that wait in faith for an answer from the New Jerusalem will mount up with wings as eagles and the impossible will become possible. Then one day, it became foggy. Of course, fogs generally arise in the morning, but it was mid-afternoon, and we made note of the fact. The fog stretched across the gulf and a figure appeared in the mist. I have to admit that a chill crept up my spine, as He approached. Then, we thought he was going to pass by and somehow it seemed more frightening to allow that to happen, so we called out to Him. He immediately responded and we invited Him to sit with us and have something to eat.

As we ate and drank with Him, he opened the Word to us. The hours flew by and we forgot about all else, enwrapped in His teaching. Night fell and the fog became thicker. In the morning, He was nowhere to be seen, but when the fog lifted, we saw that we had arrived at the other side of the canyon and had no idea how it happened.

On this side, we were surer than ever that we could not rely on past experiences or our abilities. We had never come this way and each step was new. Modern equipment was of no use. It was a rocky, mountainous land and it was true that there were narrow places, where we had to pass one by one, clinging to the rock wall. We slept in caves and wandered in a barren land. Yet, we were in constant touch with the King by a communication not discovered by men of the world. In this way, we crossed the territory.

Leaving the worst of the mountains behind, suddenly a band of natives appeared at about a half-kilometer distance, fully armed with spears. My mind in a second was transported back to the meeting that I attended many years before and the story of the massacre of the King's people. When they spotted us, they came at a run with the spears pointed towards us. It was then that we noticed that between them and us, the River flowed as swift rapids and there was no way for them to pass. They threw the spears, but they fell short.

Very happy to know that all along the way the River had been near, we followed it. It broadened in a flatter land and we came upon a settlement along the bank. There was a gathering of people in the center, all dressed in white togas. Now I knew that we were in the land that I had seen in the film presentation, and I told this to my companions.

One man broke from the others and came to us and, even though many years had past and he was very old, I immediately recognized him as the one who announced, "This is a holy people.” When we told him that we were the King's people, his face broke into a big smile. We sat and listened as our new friends told story after story concerning the Spirit of the King moving through them. These people lived from the River, and had to trust it to supply all their needs, as well as to protect them from great dangers... 


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