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An Allegory... part five


Chapter 9




..... The landscape improved as we walked and talked, vegetation returned and we heard the rush of a River. Soon we were on its banks and the pathway became obvious, although we realized that we had been upon it all along. We had not left it, when we were guided in different ways through the desert.  It was no less real than the highway in the sky, thousands of miles long, taken by birds that migrate south, as the cold weather approaches, and back to the north, when the climate is ideal for nesting. They never get lost, led by an unseen hand. If we know and acknowledge the King’s purpose and do not trust our wisdom, even though we cannot see the path, He will lead us straight to our destination.

For the first time, the River took us to the outskirts of a huge city. It was called Darkness. We were on a hill, looking down upon it and we watched masses of people crowding the streets and sidewalks. That morning, we read together about the commission that the King had given us and were reminded of the debt that had to be paid. Our hearts united with that of the King. His name and attributes must be proclaimed among all people, who have been deceived by His enemy. They must have opportunity to escape his cruel rulership.

We entered the nearest suburb and in the first public square, Ignorance Plaza, declared that all men should repent of their wicked ways and submit to the true King. We saw that each one of these people had a chain attached to them that led to different places. Some led to back alleys, where prostitutes, transvestites and drug dealers circulated. Some led into offices and business centers. Some even led into church buildings.  Many of those with longer chains did not seem to realize that they were bound; others had very short ones and struggled with them. Not a few, came as close as their chains would allow, as we talked. They asked how they could be free and make contact with the King.

We decided to take as much time as necessary to try to help them. We spent many days there and saw chains broken and grateful people turn to the King, to thank and to serve Him. It was nothing short of miraculous. In that part of the city, a deep impression was made and many showed their appreciation to us. We were offered comfortable quarters and some good food. I have to admit that we began to enjoy this a little too much.

 Perhaps, it was for the best that one afternoon our daydream was interrupted and a mob of angry citizens led by city officials, stormed into our quarters and drove us from town. We scattered in every direction and they followed us, until we were a good distance from the city limits.

 After the turmoil, in my tent that night, I thought about parts of the city and thousands that we had not reached with the good news. Lost in my thoughts, the tent suddenly lurched; I heard a thud and a groan. I rushed outside to see that in the darkness, a boy of about fourteen, had hit one of my tent stakes with his bicycle and had taken a very nasty fall. I invited him inside and, using a first-aid kit, treated his bruises.

He said that he delivered newspapers to hundreds of customers, and was late, reaching a few just outside of town. While I applied disinfectant and bandages, I told him about the King. He took an unusual interest and when he left, promised he would return. He did every day and we visited for hours. He told me that he was wrapping literature that told about the King with the papers and he had opportunity to talk about Him to many people. He had won some of his fellow paperboys to the King’s side and they began also to distribute His literature in various sections of the city...

Chapter 10


.... Outside the city Darkness, we camped together for about three months. One night, sitting around a campfire watching the flames, we discussed again the overwhelming problem of reaching the earth’s multitudes. Some wondered if we needed more technology and mass media communication. One older man opened his Book, took out an article and read it to us. It was a true story:

It was about a couple that went many years ago to take the King's message to the Dark Continent. They wanted to reach people, who had never heard the gospel.  They walked by the River and it led them to a village. The chief of the village, however, knew the dragon would be angry, if he let the King's messengers into the village and refused to permit their entrance. So they built a mud hut a kilometer away on the mountainside above the village.

They waited much time and their only contact with the native people was a young boy who came two times a week to sell them food. The lady told him about the King and one day they contacted Him together. It was the only encouragement that the couple received during the entire time that they lived near the village.

Months later, the lady became pregnant and then was smitten with a fever. Seventeen days after the birth of the baby, weakened by the fever, she died. The baby girl survived. The husband became very bitter against the King, not only over the death of his wife, but also because the sacrifice seemed to be in vain. He left the Dark Continent and became a drunkard. The little girl was raised by another couple, ambassadors of the King, as well, and became His strong follower.

When the girl grew and married, she read an article about the Continent where she was born. It told of the death of the lady ambassador and there was a photo of a simple grave with a cross. It told of the boy who gave his heart to the King. The boy became a young man, it related, and persuaded the chief to let him build a school. The students became followers of the King, through the message given them from their teacher. Their parents came to know the King through their children. Others were won through the parents.  The young teacher became one of His great leaders in the Dark Continent.

The daughter of the ambassadors found her biological father in his drunken state. She told him the story, demonstrating that his wife’s death and the work that they did together were not in vain. It had borne much fruit. Before he died, the father turned from his drunkenness and came to love the King more than ever before. 

Someone else had saved an article with another true story, which he wanted to share with all of us. It was about a man on another continent, who because he was grateful for a wonderful change in his life, promised the King that he would share His message every day with people. He did so for 40 years. When he was older, he stood on one street near his poor apartment and handed out leaflets to people who passed by. He never heard that there were any results.

 When he was too feeble to go out to the streets, one day a world traveler came to his apartment. He told him that he had found people all over the globe, who had come to know the King, because they had taken a leaflet from this faithful representative. Through their lives and work, thousands more came to know the King.

In both these cases, we saw that individuals, without a great plan or program, without technology or equipment, without a large organization to sponsor them, were able to function. They just shared the good news and the River carried it to multitudes…



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