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5. Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill’s personal letters


Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill’s personal letters, number 5

We present a couple seasonal letters from Leonard Ravenhill.  The first was apparently written after we had crossed over to Germany, so I added the year 1986. Through Ravenhill we got to know Elmer Klassen, who has quite recently joined Len in heaven. Elmer saw to the publishing of Revival God’s Way in German. He led the publishing of the Herald of His Coming in German and in at least ten other languages. One of my articles was published in that paper and Elmer also translated and printed another in tract form.

I still remember some of Ravenhill’s message at Wilkerson’s meeting, of which he speaks in the second letter. He said, “I am more hungry for God than I have been all my life.” Somewhere in that message, he mentioned that neither DW or he had ever been offered an honorary doctorate. He then turned to Wilkerson: “If I ever get one you and I will get together to celebrate. Oh no, we can’t,” he quipped, “you don’t drink tea!”

Dec. 4, 1986: We are glad to hear from you and trust by now you have settled okay. Very cold weather and heavier snowfall predicted for this winter.

Satanic opposition to divine truth seems to be increasing everywhere. But He guarantees victory, which in itself speaks of battle.

Good to know Elmer Klassen can come to see you. We have an old German widow lady, who can barely read English. Can you send me Revival God’s Way in German and with it a couple German Herald of His Coming  papers? Maybe one with one of my articles in it. Somehow she likes my writings. So glad to know your family devotions are going so well. This means so much in the foundation of the children’s spiritual life.

David has resigned his church in New Zealand. He will travel most of next year and do some writing. Paul is having some blessing and of course, Satan’s opposition. ..

December 16: Greetings and love for a very blessed Christmas.

My latest euphemism: Sweet words will never cover up a sour spirit. Death will not change character, only destiny. Hell has no exits. It seems that all the major soul winners in by-gone days were hell-fire preachers – Sweet words will never cover a sour spirit.

I’m booked to speak once –afternoon, I think - at Dave Wilkerson’s Dallas conference in January. Do pray much for me please. I must have a broken, burning heart. Platitudes will never avail, but power, soundly orthodox. This is a perilous hour to be living in. We cry, “Arm of the Lord awake.” Well, if He is the head and He is, then we must be the arm…


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