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New Book Announcement!

In the next few days, I will be making an announcement concerning the arrival of the new book in English, "We Have an Altar". I believe that this book will be profitable for all levels of Christian living, beginning with the new believer. It will help him to get his feet firmly established upon a solid foundation. He needs to know and understand what Christ's cross means to him, as he begins this altogether new walk of faith. Too many times in these days, new Christians are taught to become involved with activities and programs, but are not taught about what they have come into from a biblical standpoint. They know little of the provisions of the cross and what God seeks to do in and through them.

More mature Christians will perhaps learn also from this book, but I am certain, at least, that it will provide much material for meditation concerning, not only the substitutionary work of Christ, but also their identification with His cross. Please be waiting for the forthcoming announcement of "We Have an Altar".

In the meantime, today I am printing the Fall issue of the Call to Commitment leaflet. The title is "The Order of Melchizadek". This order of priesthood concerns you, if you are a Christian. The benefits go far beyond what I can express, but I made an effort to share with the reader what I have been able to comprehend. I intend to put much more meditation and prayer into it in the future. You will also be able to read interesting "News and Notes", which begin with a short account about four generations of ladies... my oldest sister, Ruth, my mom, my grandma, and great-grandma. I then write about a friend, Matt Luneau, and of the evangelistic efforts of people from Swanton Christian Church.

I can send this leaflet to your home. Just give me your mailing address, by sending an email to: .

                                            Four generations... all are now in heaven!


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